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  • This show has been a favorite of mine ever since I was a kid.

    I Love Lucy is a classic and a personal favorite of mine. Lucille Ball is undoubtedly one of the best female comedians to ever grace the small screen. She shines as Lucy McGillicuddy Ricardo, the nosy and zany housewife to Cuban band-leader Ricky Ricardo, who's always trying to make it into one of her husbands shows. Her best friend, Ethel Mertz is married to the cheapskate Fred Mertz. All live together in the same apartment building in Manhattan, New York. Each episode Lucy finds herself in an absurd new predicament, sometimes with Ethel. At the end of each episode the problems are usually solved and all is well with Lucy and friends.
  • I Love Lucy is a show about a quirky houewife and a showbiz husband. Lucy Ricardo is like any ordinary housewife, she cooks, and cleans. Only difference is she wants to be in all of Rickys shows but he won't let her. So shes always finding ways to get in.

    This is by far one of the greatest American television shows. It has you laughing from beginning to end. I think one of the best parts of the show is the fact that when they were filming it they did it like a stage show; Beginning straight through to the End. The show was always going in a new direction with Lucy's plans to get into Ricky's shows. I'd have to say their's never a dull episode of that show. I've been watching it ever since I was little, and I still laugh even though I've seen the episodes a million times. You really get to see how the typical life of a housewife was lead, and a man's life who worked at a club, and was a bandleader. They also went somewhere new for that time period with a interracial marriage on television. Nowadays when you watch it you really wouldn't think nothing of it. But back then it was very uncommon. It also says something that the show has never gone off air since it premiered in 1951.
  • I Really Love Lucy!!!

    Obviously this show was on way before I was even born, but I love it. I love it because of its innocence and at the same time it's not that innocent. I love the fact that Ricky is Cuban and I absolutely love his accent. Lucy is such a fun and colorful character. This show is the predecessor of so many modern shows and it's such a shame that not so many people know it or acknowledge it. Actually, the fact that it's in black and white makes it even greater. I don't think color would've been helpful for the show. It's perfect.
  • love it its a cool show it funny lllucy always get into the trouble

    lucy is my favrite charter . my favrite eposide is where they steal the foot prints from hollywood and they keep one breaking them or ruing it its so funny and the other one is luccy dose the vit,in girl where she drinks it and then she starts to forget her lines. and the one she acts like shes sick to get nto ricks show that was funny i lve this show
  • I like I Love Lucy. It's funny. It first aired on CBS. Now it is on Tv Land. I wish Tv Land would show I Love Lucy in prime time. They show it 10:00AM and 10:30AM central time. I Love Lucy ran from 1951-1957. There were six seasons. I Love Lucy alot. fun

    I'm writing about the Episope Lucy gets Chummy With The Neighbors . Lucy wants new furniture for there country home. Ricky tells her she can only spend $ 300. Lucy goes to the furniture store with Betty Ramsey and ends up spending $5000. Betty Ramsey thought Lucy could a ford all that furniture. Lucy calls Ethel and Fred for help. They deside to come to Lucy's country house. Ricky comes home and tells her she has to take the furniture back to the store. Lucy trys to tell Betty Ramsey but she couldn't. Betty Ramsey thinks Lucy does not like The furniture and gets mad. Ricky goes over to the Ramsey's house and talks to Ralph Ramsey. They need up fighting. Ethel and Fred show up and think Ricky looks the way he looks is because of Lucy. Lucy tells Ethel and Fred. Betty and Ralph come in yelling. Ethel tells them the real reason is because they can't a ford it. The Ramsey understand. They tell them they can't a ford it either. They make up and become friends. Ricky gets the money to pay for the furniture from one of his shows he is going to do.
  • A zany housewife trying to make it in showbiz despite her husband's constant hounding. Lucy would stop at nothing to get what she wanted and didn't hesitate to drag Ethel into her messes.

    Words can't describe the genius of this show. Not only has every story line been ripped off over and over again for the last fifty years, but Desi Arnaz pioneered the way television is filmed. He invented the three camera sitcom and with it brought to us a whole new world of entertainment. It aired a bit before my time, but I own the entire series on DVD it's one of my most treasured possesions. Funny for all ages. It only takes one wide eyed glare from Mrs. Magilucudy to warm your heart and jiggle your gut. Perfect.
  • Lucy Ricardo, wife of famous bandleader Ricky Ricardo, tries various times to get into show buisness along with their landlord, Fred and Ethel Mertz.

    "I Love Lucy" is my favorite show of all time. Before I discoved this show, in the Summer of '05, "Smallville" was my favorite (still a close second). This show NEVER gets old. There was only ONE episode I've ever disliked and that was the Lucy goes to Scotland episode. Yeah, I try to forget that exsisted. Anyway, I have no idea where I'd be without Lucy. She's the funniest character ever created on TV, movies, book, etc. I truly do love Lucy. Let's not forget Fred and Ethel. Ethel always makes me laugh and she's very underappreciated. Fred, also a great actor and comedian. A great, great character. Ricky, however, is not my favorite. It's kind of like he tries to be funny and most of the time unsuccessful. Anyway, it's still the best show on television and they've always had their flaws. Fan-freaking-tastic job!
  • Words cannot describe this magnificent show. Superlative, fabulous, Hilarious, Classic, Ahead of its Time, etc.

    "I Love Lucy" is one of the best episodes in the history of television. Every episode is funny. The thing that pulls you in is its comedy. Slapstick comedy, humor, talent, and other things. You flip channel after channel and when the Info box says "I Love Lucy" the first that comes to the is what zany crazy plan Lucy is going to do THIS time. Whether shes trying out at a Vitameatavegamin commercial, squashing grapes for wine in Italy, practicing the tango with a blouseful of eggs, raising 500 chickens in one house, stuffing chocolates in a mouth from a fast conveyor belt, copying a Marx Brother's every move in a mirror, or stealing John Wayne's footsteps at Grauhmn's, something wild and funny is bound to happen. A classic TV show. Funny.
  • I Love Lucy!!!!!!!!!!

    I Love Lucy!!!!!!!!!!Listen to these from the blog of Lucy at tvland.comYou already know that Lucie Arnaz will be featured in two amazing festival happenings, moderating the Legacy of Laughter (LOL) and in full concert. One of Saturday night’s LOL panelists will be Sebastien Gendry, founder of the American School of Laughter Yoga in Los Angeles. Sebastien, who was seen recently on Oprah, will also be offering Laughter Yoga Workshops every afternoon in the Tropicana Room, a fabulous reproduction of everyone’s favorite television nightclub! Vivian Vance, whom we all know and love as Ethel Mertz, will be celebrated at three festival events. Viv’s sister, Lou Ann Graham, will be sharing mementos and personal memories -- on a Treasure Chest Boat Cruise on Chautauqua Lake (where Ricky caught that “big” fish!) and on stage where we’re adding some special screening and a surprise live performance!

    Universal Studios Hollywood’s “Lucy” (Diane Vincent) and her sidekick “Ethel” (Rhonda Medina) will keep things rolling at Sunday afternoon’s Masquerade Party and Trivia Contest. They’ll show up lots of other places during the weekend, and you can even get your picture taken with them at a special photo op!

    Lucille Ball’s “sister” Cleo Smith will celebrate her birthday with fans at a fun picnic. “I Love Lucy” film editor Dann Cahn will introduce “Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana”, the story of how Lucy and Ricky Ricardo met and the first episode of The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. And the twins who traumatized Lucy in episode 14, “The Amateur Hour”, will make a special appearance. Film fests, outdoor movies, Lucytown Tours with Lucy-Desi VIPs, a Collector’s Show, a Lucy-Desi memorabilia auction, a pizza-tossing contest and more will round out the weekend. I sure hope you can be with us – Lucy-Desi Days in Lucy’s hometown is just way too much fun to miss!!
  • Very good comedy!

    I want to echo all those who have praised Desi Arnaz--he was simply the best straight man in show business. Lucille Ball was incredibly funny, but when you watch her later series, there seems to be something missing--and it's of course Desi. He's hilarious, and as others have mentioned a real pioneer in TV production. Throw in his musical ability and he's hard to beat as performer by anyone (better than Jackie Gleason in my opinion).

    As for the show itself, it's timeless. These days it's strange to watch MASH, All In The Family, Maude, they've all faded and seem hopelessly dated. Not so with I Love Lucy, it's just as funny today--no it doesn't deal with abortion, or teen suicide, it deals with funny people who are even funnier when they are together, who have great chemistry together and then the show puts them into genuinely funny situations. In todays politically correct world, one wonders if the thought police would have allowed Lucy to jab at Ricky's accent, or would require some sort of social message about Lucy's role as a housewife. Please. I tend to find more meaning in Ricky singing "I Love Lucy" or Lucy trying to sneak into Ricky's show down at the Tropicana after he's banned her than in all of Maude's tired feminist rants put together.
  • I Love Lucy has always been a classic. It has never been off air since date. This is one of the best shows in history. They made another series, it was called The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. Again, this is a very good show and is a classic TV show to watch.

    This show was the best show in the 1950s. Lucy has done every thing in her show. She went to Hollywood, meet famous people, baked pizza, been in trouble, and everything in between. One of the best things about this is it has no bad language. Lucy is still watch every second, and there is an event about Lucy and Desi in May. It is called Lucy-Desi days and lasts 3-4 days long. Always know, if you are not watching Lucy, someone else is watching her and her classic shows and movies.
  • Definitely a classic, duh!

    I love Lucy and she loves me...
    This is a great show. My mom didn't like it in it's original run, but when it aired on Nick @ Nite some years ago, she actually found it interesting.
    It's humor from the 1950's that is still found funny. It's a 1950's show that can still be enjoyed today.
    Lucille Ball is a talented actress. She makes this show work. Desi Arnaz is great, but he is nothing without Lucy.
    Vivian Vance and William Frawley are perfect as Ethel and Fred Mertz. They are stories about how Lucy was going to pick two other people to play Fred and Ethel, but instead chosse Vance and Frawley. Great choice. No one else could pull those characters off like those two.
  • classic

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  • Give it up f'r Risky Riskerdough!

    I Love Lucy is a definitely a all-time classic sitcom

    from the chocolate factory episode to the grape flinging everything on "I Love Lucy" defines what makes a great sitcom.

    It's a shame the show gets less airtimes these days, heck even TV Land (which currently airs the show) decreased the show's airings.

    It's also a shame that sitcoms of this generation are not enjoyable for the entire family not even the US adaptation of the BBC hit britcom "The Office".

    As far as we know, There will never be a good sitcom like "I Love Lucy" for a long long time.
  • I Love Lucy is a classic!

    I Love Lucy is about Lucy Ricardo, a woman who lives in New York City with her husband, Ricky Ricardo, a Cuban band leader, on 623 East 68th Street. She always tries to get into show business with the help of the landlords, Fred and Ethel Mertz. Ethel and Lucy are as thick as thieves. They get themselves into trouble and go through the funniest things. Ricky always tries to get back on them for trying to get her into show business. Lucy once did Vitameatavegamin commerical and got drunk. Lucy and Ethel worked in a chocolate factory, and so much more. It is a classic!
  • It was about a woman named Lucy who had a husband who was a cuban bandleader.

    This was one of the funnest shows,especially with Lucy.Lucy had some of the funnest ideas for schemes just to get what she wanted.Ricky got angry sometimes,like when Lucy begs him to be on one of his shows.She always tries to be on his show without him knowing.Sometimes Lucy wants to travel somewhere,and Ricky always says that he can't afford it.The Ricardos best friends the Mertzes try to help Lucy with her schemes,especially Ethel Mertz.Fred and Ethel Mertz are the landlords of the apartment that the Ricardos live in.Most schemes have Lucy and Ethel trying to do or get something they want that Ricky says no to.
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  • This show is about Lucielle Ball . Lucy plays the wife a cuban singer who always sang "BABALOU" hehe . And she is always causing trouble .

    I love this show it is great . i always watched it since i was a kid . they never really give it anymore . but i can remember alot of episodes like i remember the one about how she wanted a new couch so she entered a contest she thought she was going to sell her old ones and use the money to buy new ones and Ricky didn't want her to . so she made up a sceem and it had to do about a contest and she actaully ened winning the contest and winning the couch set. It was the one show she didn't cause anything bad she actaully got something good out of her experiance .
  • This show is about Lucielle Ball . Lucy plays the wife a cuban singer who always sang "BABALOU" hehe . And she is always causing trouble .

    I love this show it is great . i always watched it since i was a kid . they never really give it anymore . but i can remember alot of episodes like i remember the one about how she wanted a new couch so she entered a contest she thought she was going to sell her old ones and use the money to buy new ones and Ricky didn't want her to . so she made up a sceem and it had to do about a contest and she actaully ened winning the contest and winning the couch set. It was the one show she didn't cause anything bad she actaully got something good out of her experiance .
  • This show is about Lucielle Ball . Lucy plays the wife a cuban singer who always sang "BABALOU" hehe . And she is always causing trouble .

    I love this show it is great . i always watched it since i was a kid . they never really give it anymore . but i can remember alot of episodes like i remember the one about how she wanted a new couch so she entered a contest she thought she was going to sell her old ones and use the money to buy new ones and Ricky didn't want her to . so she made up a sceem and it had to do about a contest and she actaully ened winning the contest and winning the couch set. It was the one show she didn't cause anything bad she actaully got something good out of her experiance .
  • Whoever doesn\'t like this show has a lot of \"splainin\' to do!\"

    I remember the first day that I actually sat down and watched this show. It was April 24th, 2003, and we were studying the 1950s in my 8th grade Social Studies class. My teacher put in this 'Best of I Love Lucy' videotape. The first episode that I watched was "Lucy Does a TV Commercial," and when Lucy swallowed the Vitameatavegamin for the first time, I must have been the only one in class to laugh out loud! Then "Lucy's Italian Movie" came on, and that was also hysterical. And then when I first saw Lucy and Ethel with the chocolates on the conveyer belt, I was dying! After that, I was a die-hard Lucille Ball fan, and now I have all the seasons on DVD. I never get sick of watching them! This is a sitcom that no other can match up to. It is the best show ever, and one of the first! I just love it when Lucy and Ethel start scheming, and Ricky explodes into a flood of Spanish! And who can forget Lucy's 'spider voice?' I love it, love it, love it! There\'s only one I Love Lucy, one Lucille Ball, and it was the first sitcom to ever hit the airwaves back in 1951! Yes, there are a few episodes that aren\'t that great, but if it\'s Lucy stuffing chocolates into her mouth/blouse, chugging Vitameatavegamin, ordering 2 sides of beef and getting locked in the freezer, or stomping grapes in an Italian vinyard, I Love Lucy is timeless and will go on forever!
  • "I Love Lucy" has affected TV more than anyone could possibly understand. "I Love Lucy" IS TV!

    "I Love Lucy" is the best TV show in the history of time. This show is responsible for what we know as TV today. Desi Arnaz pioneered the television industry with his new ideas and business sense. Desi is responsible for the invention of re-runs, the three camera system, and numerous other techniques such as lighting. "I Love Lucy" broke bounds with their new use of make-up and comedy. Lucille Ball's comedic timeing is at a level unattainable to any commedienne today. "I Love Lucy" laid the base for today's TV shows. Influence can be seen in any show on TV today. "I Love Lucy" is an amazing show comedically and historically. TV wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for "I Love Lucy".
  • Classic comedy that is often copied. The story is centered around Lucy and all the goofy situations that she gets herself into. She isn't shy about involving her husband and/or her friends.

    This is still a good show by today’s standards. If you are too young to have watched it when it was originally one, do yourself a favor a watch it now. If any of the stories seem familiar it is because most comedy show since have used similar storylines. This is the ultimate compliment to the actors and writers of this show.

    Lucille Ball was the star of the show playing the title role of Lucy. Her real-life husband Desi Arnaz played her on-screen husband Ricky. Vivian Vance and William Frawley played their neighbors and best friends Ethel and Fred Mertz. All four actors were incredibly funny and talented.
  • This classic sit-com is about the antics of Lucy Ricardo,married to a Cuban bandleader,constantly scheming and trying to break into show business,frequently dragging friend and neighbor Ethel Mertz into her schemes.

    It is easy to underestimate the importance of I Love Lucy in the history of American sit-coms,but there are few sit-coms more influential in their impact.Ground-breaking in so many ways.Today is it still widely seen in syndication,incredibly after 54 years since its debut.Of course,Lucille Ball deserves the lions share of the credit for her genius,but it was more than her comic acting,it was the great writing,the great chemistry between 4 actors,and ground-breaking production.Desi Arnaz sometimes get overlooked in being recognized,but he deserves credit for the behind the scenes stuff,as well as his own acting,being able to keep up with Lucy.What I find amazing is,even after 54 years and endless screenings,the show is still funny.Some of Lucys later sit-com work doesnt hold up as well,but this does,and I think a lot of it was the writing.For a show that was largely physical humor,there were well defined characters.Lucy was not just a one dimensional character.This was someone you really cared about,and occasionally,emphathised with.This show could very well go on forever.

    this is one of my favorite comedy shows of all time. i thonk that lucille ball is one of the greatest actresses that ever lived. she could do anything she set her mind to. my favorite episodes are when lucy did the tv commercial for vitametavegamin (so funny!!!) and the other episode is when lucy was taking part in a ballet class. and ethel her friend is so hilarious. i wish more shows today could be as good as this show was. most shows these days only last about 2-3 seasons. if you have never seen this show you dont know what your missing.
  • This show is hilarious!

    This show is genius, completely genius. Lucille Ball is hilarious as Lucy... she's always getting herself into trouble and then trying to figure out how to get herself out of trouble before her husband, Ricky, found out. Which never happened... Ricky always found out which made the show even more funny. The skits were funny and orginal making this a classic show, even if it's been fifty years since it last aired. I wasn't even alive when it did and I still find it hilarious. It includes good, clean comedy. And that is very hard to find these days.
  • I sure do Love Lucy

    I love lucy is one of the best black and white shows ever well that i watch ive been watching the show ever since I can remember.One of my favorite episode is Lucys Anniversary where she thinks that Ricky Ricardo is cheating on her with another women i love that episode every time i see it it makes me want to cry lol. there's lots of funny and sad episodes i can not coplain about any of them because I just Love Lucy. even though sometimes she makes me mad in episodes always ruining every moment but thats what makes the show interesting and really good without her it wouldn't be funny even though ricky is kind of the second half of the show..
  • I love lucy is great show to watch for any ages even for youngsters!!!

    On of the I love lucy episode's is when the Mertzes' celebrate there eighteenth wedding anniversary. Ethel longs to celebrate it by going to the Copacabana, while Fred wants to attend the fights. As can be guessed, an argument soon ensues among the couples. Ethel and Lucy decide that they will go to the club-with dates! This is perfectly fine with Fred, but Ricky is worried, so he and Fred call an old friend, Ginny Jones, for dates so that they can go to the nightclub and spy on their wives. Coincidentally, Lucy and Ethel have also called Ginny about getting dates to go to the club. When Ginny tells the girls about the boys' plans, Lucy decides that she and Ethel will impersonate the boys' blind dates. Thus, the two of them enter the Ricardo apartment decked out like country bumpkins, which makes for some superb Lucille Ball schtick.
  • All-Time Classic!

    My grandmother first introduced me to "Lucy". She loved the show, even though she understood very little English. But every time she came to visit us we would watch "I Love Lucy". When ever I watch "Lucy" I think of my grandmother. After all these years, it is still a favourite. It is one of those shows that you can watch over and over again and never get bored. Lucy, Ricky, Little Ricky, Fred and Ethel are a part of your family. I love the episode where, while travelling in Europe, Lucy accidentaly buys conterfit francs in Paris and ends up seeing the inside of a Paris jail. A Classic!
  • this show is great.

    this show is a great show it is funny. Every episode will make you laugh. this show will be remembered for a long time. alot of people like this show because this show relates to people and it is also funny. Every thing is good about this show. you can always watch an episode and laugh. even this show is an old show it is always going to be new for some people because this show has rerun's shown every day. what a wonderful show. this show is a great show and it will always be on for a long time.
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