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  • I have watched this show since the late 60's, and I still laugh.

    I have taped this show, I have purchased DVD's, and I watch it on TVLand. I love this show, laugh, I know the script, I still laugh. Something about it can cheer me up when I need it. I have it playing while I create my jewelry. I like the classic shows. Yes, I know it was a deeply homogenized veiw of America, hollywood protrayed life without all the wrinkles that we put on T.V. today. Lucy was a stay at home wife, there are but so many dishes and clothes to wash. A girl has to have some fun.
  • We are lucky to have a woman like Lucille Ball, the funniest woman around grace our screens with her talent.

    There is NO match for this drama queen. This show is waaaaaaay ahead of it's time. Comical is NOT the word I'm looking for here. More like, GUT BUSTING hysterical is more appropriate. There is not 1 second of any of the episodes that I do not have a smile on my face while I'm watching the funniest lady in show business. There never has been and there NEVER can be a match for Lucille Ball. Right up to the time of her death, she was making people laugh. That's dedication.
  • Set in NY, about Cuban Bandleader Ricky Ricardo and his american red-headed wife whose desperate to break into show-business even though Ricky forbids it. But Lucy isn't a quitter. With the aid of their friends The Mertzes, The Ricardos scheme against eac

    This in my opinion is the greatest show of all time. Even though it was made 50+ years ago it's still just as funny and fresh as it was back then which amazes me. Although the always funny and adorable commedian Lucille Ball gets all the credit for this show, the masterminds behind it was head writer Jess Oppenhemier and Lucy's co-star and real life husband for almost 20 years, the talented Desi Arnaz. Vivian Vance and William Frawley was terrific and hilarious as The Mertzes, but also mirrored Desi and Lucy very well. It's a very approprite title for the show, because who doesn't love lucy? I own seasons 1-5 of the show on DVD and plan to buy season 6 when it comes out. Every female commedian (maybe even commedian period) owes a lot to Lucille Ball. This show was so many firsts, including the first show to show a real-life pregnant woman on television. They really don't make shows like this anymore.
  • I love Lucy Is one of the best classic shows ever.

    I wich TV land would chang there line up so that I love lucy could be on at 9pm agin. Even if they would just show the seson when they went to L.A. But there never will be another comdy like I love Lucy. i think the best show was when lucy went out to get a job.
  • I Love Lucy. The title itself means we all love Lucy. Every episode, we have loved her crazy ideas and some of her crazy stunts. Like pretending to be hit by a bus and thinking there was a fire in her apartment.Or the Superman one. But we all love Lucy.

    This is the greatest show ever. I absolutely love this show. This my favorite show of all time. I have all the DVDs and I've seen every episode. Every episode is a classic, especially the chocolate factory episode. Also, the Vitameatavegimen episode. That is too long to spell. So we all love Lucy.

    What can be said about this show that hasn't been said already? It's the best comedy show ever made...a true a classic...and the show by which all other comedy shows should be measured by. Lucille Ball is by far the best female comedienne ever and we were lucky to have her!
  • Classic comedy

    Still one of the greatest shows ever produced. Many of the shows my age group grew up with were fabulous, funny, creative, stimulating and intellegent.

    The life or the times and the ART of and demand for Burlesque has been lost. Closest we came perhaps was the 1970's "Saturday Night Live" with the original cast.

    It's also unfortunate the ART captured in film, in Black and White and Technicolor is lost to the viewer raised in the last 20 years.

    For anyone who has not yet seen the I Love Lucy show series, you must, just pretend it's in color, if that bothers you.
  • Has there ever been a sexier, funnier, classier woman than Lucille Ball? I don't even think Catherine and Audrey Hepburn could compete.

    Has there ever been a sexier, funnier, classier woman than Lucille Ball? I don't even think Catherine and Audrey Hepburn could compete.
    This show was wonderful. I love watching it in the morning on WB. Even though the show was masoginistic and such, you can't hold anything against it. Our culture wouldn't be the same today were it not for I Love Lucy.
  • I Love….this Show!

    I Love Lucy is the show that will absolutely never die. Its enchanting comedic brilliance is timeless and could only have been accomplished so superbly by its particular cast and crew. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen each episode; each time is as hilarious and thoroughly enjoyable as the first. I can't think of another sitcom that has earned such a description as well as I Love Lucy. Further, at no point did it "go downhill." I.L.L. will always remain a unique masterpiece of television.
  • What can't you say about Lucy!

    Well you can't say that you didn't love her, I'll tell you that much. This show was hilarious as I watched it all the time as a young'in and now in my older years I still love it. A family comedy that never went too over the top but was always pretty outrageous, the situations they had. A classic indeed. It was just a great show and even some of it's offshoots where pretty good but nothing could hold a candle to the greatness of this show. In fact, it is my assumption that a lot of comedy shows today are based a lot of this show. A great show!
  • My fav tv show. The DVDs are must haves!

    I Love Lucy is the best show ever! It's on at all times somewhere in the world. Every Lucy fan should have the DVDs. I watch them all the time. Lucy and Ethel are a great duo that are unstoppable together! Not many shows can be so popular that they have their own museums and gift shops. Teddy Bears, even candies!! There is a website dedicated to Lucy and her shows, www.lucy-desi.com Festivals in May and August to celebrate Lucy and Desi's lives together.
  • I LOVE Lucy and She Loves Me

    I Love Lucy is awsome sepeacially for something 50 years old. So many good episodes some much irony so much crazyness this show has it all. It's my 3rd favorite tv show and I love it. They should more re runs.
    Best Season:1 or 3
    Best Episode: Lucy Does A TV Commercial.
  • Who Doesn't love Lucy should of been the tile i could give this show millionwes of classifications had to put classic though.

    It is beyond my comprehension how anyone can watch this show and think it isn't funny. Easily the most beloved series in the history of televison, I LOVE LUCY is a timeless milestone classic which will never be equalled. The casting is perfection personified: Ball's attractiveness, grace, vigour & timing are impeccable. Desi was an underrated straight man who was alternately funny himself - and with that inimitable Cuban accent yet. Bill Frawley and Vivian Vance seemed to BE Fred and Ethel Mertz: who else could play these loveable characters so memorably effective as they? Talk about inspired casting! The chemistry between the four is more than amazing: it's phenomenal. Bob Carroll, Jr. & Madelyn Pugh were truly gifted writers and Jess Oppenheimer gave the series its certain elusive magical quality which vanished after he left over issues with Desi. The show was still terrific during the latter part of its run, but after Oppenheimer left and Bob Schiller and Bob Weiskoff were added to write the scripts, the show's predictibility was definitely more pronounced. I think Vivian Vance was a truly underrated performer: her timing, delivery, facial expressions and gestures are joys to watch! Lucy herself - to her credit - acknowledged Vance's brilliant talent. P.S. one of my very favourite Lucy moments is during a scene in the lesser-known THE SAXOPHONE. Ball's timing - when she opens up the coat closet to find a strange man hidden therein - is split second perfection: hilariously funny.
  • The Queen of Comedy and Her Court...

    I Love Lucy is a thing of beauty. 179 episodes abounding with comedic escapades and warm moments between four close friends and their adventures together. I have seen all 179 episodes and while many are better than others, even the worst one is still decent and evokes a chuckle.

    One of the most amazing things about the show is the chemistry between the four main stars. They are so amazing together that one finds it hard to believe that Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball had so many off camera marital problems and that William Frawley and Vivian Vance were not very fond of each other. There are so many scenes that are priceless that I can only name a few here. Who can forget the classic candy factory episode eating candy at a frantic rate or Lucy's classic rendition as the "Vitameatavegamin" girl? Or the scene where Lucy has a shirt full of eggs and must delicately dance the Tango with Ricky. I am remembering these scenes just like I saw them yesterday, but I experienced my first exposure to a Lucy episode when I was only 10 years old.

    Aside from the wholesome and marvelously funny scenes, the exposure to the Spanish language is also a nice bonus, most notably in the charming episode where Ricky renders "Little Red Riding Hood" in Spanish. The viewer is treated to some pleasant Latin and vaudevillian tunes throughout many of the episodes. This is an even bigger bonus for watching the show with children. They get exposure to songs they might otherwise never hear and are entertained with clean and uplifting comedy, all the while picking up some Spanish vocabulary.

    There is so much more I could say about the show. This is some of the finest comedy the world will ever see and I will treasure my Lucy tapes and the memory of these four icons of comedy forever. If you don't find this show the least bit funny, you should consider seeing a psychologist, or as Ricky would say, a "physiocologist." :o)
  • I Love Lucy is abot Lucy Ricardo who always wants to get in the show bussiness while her husband who is a bandleader refuse to let her in! And when he say no she always manage to get in with the help of her Neighber Ethel and Fred.

    I love this old classic show! When ever you need a good laugh I love Lucy is it! The show got better every season. I just love the Hollywood Episodes and some other, There are way to many to name. Like Lucy thinks Ricky's going to murder her to the finale Episode. I just love it when Lucy is a very bad singer who wants to be in a show bussiness. If you ever down and need a very good laugh or just want to watch a show to laugh, I highly recommend I Love Lucy.
  • Who does not love Lucy?

    Lucy is my romodel and she can make me laugh when I am down and out and mad at the world. I still laugh when I watch her get drunk on Vitametavegimanin in the commerical episode or stuffing her face with chocolate in Job Switching. Whoever does not love Lucy is a sadistic person with no soul. If T.V. Land ever quits airing Lucy, then somebody will have some 'splaining to do to all of her millions of fans. I Love Lucy rules!
  • Lucille and Desi knew us better than CBS.

    50 years after this show began, over 15 years after the last major star passed on, this show is still #1. Why doesn't this kind of comedy exist today?

    Things that were forbidden on television in the 50s they managed to make it to where it wouldn't need any censoring. Any term involving the word "pregnant" on T.V. was uncalled for, and they could have been endanger of having the show pulled. But again, the Arnazes knew better, worked around it, and it turned out to be the #1 watched show that Monday night when Little Ricky was born. And it continued for another 7 years (3 years were from the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour where the I Love Lucy format was still used).
  • I Love Lucy was one of my favorite shows of all time.

    I Love Lucy was one of my favorite shows of all time. When I was a kid, I used to watch it all the time. In fact, I had memorized the schedule of it on Nick @ Nite. I swear, I must have seen each episode at least five times, some more than others.

    What I loved about this show is how clean, but how incredibly funny the humor was. I watch this show NOW and still laugh at the crazy antics that happen in the episodes. The episodes that featured music segments were my favorite. It really gave me a taste of the music of the times. I especially enjoyed the episode, I don't remember the name, where Lucy, Ethel, Fred, and Ricky were doing a barbershop-like song and tried to keep Lucy from singing by sticking the shaving cream brush in her mouth everytime she tried.

    The only negative thing I have to say about the show is that I don't get to see it as much anymore since its not on Nick @ Nite but on TV Land instead.
  • A show following the daily life of the couple Ricky and Lucy Ricardo as they live through it incountering many laughs and interesting moments where Lucy always gets herself into trouble.

    Overall, the I Love Lucy show is very underappreaciated. It is from the more simpler time where everything was more honest and innocent. This show represents everything that a comedy show should have. It is very well put together with many laughs that do not involve it being sexual or having violence. It was the landmark for all shows. It showed the world that a great comedy show could be done and enjoyed by many people without the use of sex and/or violence. It should be introduced to the younger generations like me. I was introduced to this classic show by my parents and I love it. I find time to sit down with my parents all the time and truly enjoy this great classic.
  • One of the best shows ever.

    "I Love Lucy" has the ablitity to get the attention of every generation, young and old alike. Ever since it's '50's debut, it has made people laugh, and even in the new millennium, it has marked its place as one of the greatest shows on television. It will forever be considered a classic.
  • A show I never tire of watching!

    Classic. What word could sum up I Love Lucy any better? This show set the standard for comedy. It seemed there was nothing Lucy wouldn't do on the show. She was the queen of physical comedy. The writing was spectacular, and the characters were top notch. There was zany Lucy who never passed up a chance to get in to some kind of trouble, her faithful sidekick Ethel, Lucy's husband Ricky who was forever amazed at Lucy's antics and frequently burst into his native language; and frumpy, tight-wad Fred who got quite a few laughs on his own. I never tire of watching this show and laugh just as hard at so many of the episodes as the first time I saw them. Who can forget the "Vitameatavegamin" episode or the one where Lucy locks herself in the freezer? How about "Lucy Makes an Italian Movie" or the episode where Lucy and Ethel went to work in the chocolate factory. Oh, I could go on forever. There were tender moments, too, like when Ricky found out Lucy was pregnant. This show had stood the test of time, and is the pinnacle that all other comedies are forever trying to achieve. It will always remain one of my favorites.
  • I grew up watching re-runs of this show. I still love it!

    The first episode I can remember watching was when Lucy and Ethel were working at the candy factory and they kept eating all the candy because the conveyour belt was mooving too fast. God that was funny! I really enjoy the humor and the charachters. I wish they would have made an actual movie called I Love Lucy. They did make the one called "The long long trailer". That was really funny.
  • PERFECT in every way!

    I Love Lucy has offered the American public sheer pleasure for so many years, and will endure for years to come. At 37, I have been a true fan since the age of 5. My children love the show, and my family & coworkers know of my obsession. Lucy, Ricky, Little Ricky, Fred & Ethel have brought so much joy to so many lives. In times like especially, how "wondaful" is it to sit back, turn OFF the news, and watch this show? To get lost in a time of innocence and pure comedy. Hey, I love CSI too - but this always conjures up a feeling of peace and happiness. A true classic.
  • This show is amazing and as I re-watch it on DVD I can't believe how ground breaking, trend setting, and laugh out loud funny it is. It clearly, truly set the precedent for most sitcoms that have ever done anything significant or been in the least bit fun

    This show is amazing and as I re-watch it on DVD I can't believe how ground breaking, trend setting, and laugh out loud funny it is. It clearly, truly set the precedent for most sitcoms that have ever done anything significant or been in the least bit funny. It always leaves me laughing out loud with the hysterical characters, storylines, and physical comedy. It is simply magic.
  • great show, was before my time but i always luv to watch the reruns

    i love lucy is a terrific show. even though i was born in the 90's and it started airing on 1951 i still love to watch it over and over again. this show has always been able to make me laugh. its great and has its famous line that ever1 can remeber "Lucy, im home."
  • Three words that are stapled into television history.

    Here's one show that was the blueprint for modern-day sitcoms. Lucille Ball showed America what funny really is!

    And this show was ahead of it's time. Desi using the three-camera shot to get as many angles from a scene in the shortest amount of time. (This technique is still used today.)

    And the fact that this show was put on film, and that Lucy and Desi owned the rights to the show. By today's standards that's amazing! Television never advanced as much as when I Love Lucy was on the air.

    Now, granted, I didn't enjoy the sixth and final season as much as the others. I wish they stayed in the city instead. The country ones weren't as enjoyable, IMHO. The best one of those was the one where Lucy lost her wedding ring and tore apart the new grill that Ricky and Fred put together to find it. That was the best of the last bunch of stories.

  • This show was aired before my time, but I must say, that is one Crazy Red head! I love it! Funny, wild and most of all enjoyable for all ages! It was a shame when Lucille Ball passed away! But I will always watch her re-runs! No matter what! Guarenteed

    I love Lucy, is absolutely hilarious! I love to watch her show even now! Re-runs or not, If I need a laugh, boy can her show make it happen! She is dearly missed and no other show can take her place. A+A+A+A+A+A Ricky and Lucy , what a combination! Fantastic
  • Always perfect!

    There was never a dull episode.They all made us laugh and continue to do so fifty years later.This is,without question,the only perfect TV series ever produced.I don't have to mention names,you all know who they are.I don't have to name the funniest episodes,because all of us can name them.This show had an appeal with no expiration date.Everything about it is just as funny now as I know it was then.And they thought the idea of a white woman being married to a Cuban band leader wouldn't last,or be accepted by the viewing public.How wrong they were.Very few shows of it's time are still around in reruns.This speaks volumes. If I had to sum it all up in one word,it would be "perfection".
  • A ground breaking show with many memorable T.V. moments.

    I Love Lucy is a fabulous comedy starrig Lucille Ball. Lucy is one of the original queens of comedy. I have no doubt that this series could have continued strong for many more seasons if not for Lucy's divorce. When watching I Love Lucy on DVD it brings back many childhood memories of watching television on weekday mornings. This sitcom is filled with many memorable episode moments such as: grape stomping, vitameatavegamin, bread baking, job swapping, and baseball with Bob Hope. Watch this show and you will fall in love with Ricky, Lucy, Fred and Ethel. This show is a must for any comedy fan.
  • One of the best shows of all time.

    What can you say about I Love Lucy? It's was brilliant, even now you can watch the show and laugh. The show was so clever that it is one of the few truly timeless shows. Lucille Ball was incredibly funny in everything she did. There are certain scenes from certain episodes that will never be forgotten. The way Lucy and Ethel always got themselves in trouble in whatever they seemed to try to do. The cast was incredibly talented and funny. I can still watch this show over and over and laugh just as much as the first time I saw it.
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