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  • hmm the best ever

    yay if i was him i would be worried to...like i always say everyone worries...i think this is one of the best classic shows that i used to alwayz watch every night during the summer but i never c it on t.v nemore i really miss that show it was the best....
  • This show is a brillant show about a cuban band leader and his crazy lovable wife lucy who longs for the chance to be in the spotlight and tries to with the help of her two crazy neighbors ethel and fred!!

    This is my most favorite show is the whole world!!! I can't even put into words how influential and brillant this show is. No other show compares with this classic and no comedian man or woman can compare to Lucille Ball!! A person can never get tired of of the show and lucy's antics, no matter how many times you watche an episode you laugh just as hard as you did the first time you watched and sometimes even harder!!
  • The best show ever on TV..Period!

    Probably the most popular sitcom in TV history! There was dizzy housewife Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) and her husband, Cuban bandleader Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz). Neighbors and landlords Fred and Ethel Mertz (William Frawley and Vivian Vance) were frequent visitors and got caught up in the adventures. Whenever Ricky had to play at the club, Lucy wanted to come but Ricky wouldn't allow it.

    Many, many memorable episodes here. Who could forget the two most popular episodes of all time: "Job Switching" where Lucy and Ethel get jobs at a candy factory and must wrap each individual piece of chocolate as it came down the conveyer belt, but then the belt began moving too fast and the girls had to hide the candy or be fired, while Ricky and Fred tried unsuccessfully to do house work and cook dinner. The second most popular episode of all time was the one where Lucy became a spokesperson for a pep tonic, Vitameatavegemin, which contained alcohol so after many takes and teaspoons, Lucy said her lines very differently. Who could forget the episode where Lucy get's locked in the freezer or in the trunk? How about the one where Ricky accidentally breaks the Mertzes' new TV set so Fred breaks the Ricardos' so they sue one another? Or the one where Lucy and Ricky give their old washing machine to the Mertzes and end up breaking it? And let's not forget Little Ricky! When Lucy was pregnant, they couldn't call it that, they had to say "expectant". How about "knocked up"? The Ricardos and Mertzes took many vacations together. Who could forget their memorable trip to California where Lucy steals John Wayne's footsteps and get's a monstrous tan. Or their trip to London and Italy where Lucy was stopped at the boarder; How about the trip to Florida where their boat runs out of gas, curtosy of Lucy.

    In 1956, Lucy and Ricky move to the country in Connecticut. Fred and Ethel visited and eventually moved out there too. The change in scenery was good for the show and lead to more wacky adventures, like the one where Lucy breaks a valuable statue and replaces it with herself disguised as a statue? In 1957, the show became The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour which was just like I Love Lucy, only it was an hour long and each episode featured a celebrity, like Red Skelton, Milton Berle, Talullah Bankhead, Ernie Kovacs and more! Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance went on to do The Lucy Show and a few more Lucy sitcoms. Poor William Frawley died in 1966. Vivian Vance followed in 1979. Desi Arnaz died in 1986 and Lucille Ball followed in 1989, but we will always remember these talented people in great sitcoms like I Love Lucy! If you haven't already seen it, tune in and catch an episode! My personal favorite is the one where a teenage girl (Janet Waldo [Judy Jetson]) goes gaga for Ricky, just as a boy (Richard Crenna) falls for Lucy. Some quick thinking from Lucy and Ricky have them fall for each other. I think that was the only episode where Fred and Ethel don't appear. So check out this show! It'll be in reruns 'til the end of time!

  • I Love Lucy has won the hearts of the American People since its debut back in the early 1950s. Lucille Ball and husband Desi Arnaz both starred on the show along with Vivian Vance and William Frawley. All the stars would become household names from the su

    I Love Lucy will remain a classic....all of its episodes have been dubbed some of the best. Even today, in a modernized world, the 'Friends' and 'Raymond' watcher will glamour the 50s show. I Love Lucy has remained a staple, throughout its rerun years, and as modern technology takes over, it only benefits Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz more. Today, I Love Lucy can be transfered to color, and all of its glamorous episodes can come on DVD or Video.

    To this day, I've watched every single episode of 'I Love Lucy' and I wasn't even born during or before her time. Re-runs have paved the way to a special anniversary episode in 2001/2. Also, Lucille Ball would ride of the success of 'I Love Lucy' with 'The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour', 'The Lucy Show', and 'Here's Lucy'.
  • Great classic show.

    I think this show is great. If you like to watch classic television, this is the show to watch. Its humor brings smiles to the faces of people of all ages, whether you are a young kid, an adult, or an elderly person. This show is one of the easiest classic shows to understand.
  • I love Lucy:)

    What can i say, I love Lucy! Even though the show is well before my time i can understand it's comedy. You gotta remeber this was the first show ever to be filmed in front of a live studio audience, and if you ever watch it and say hey that jokes old well, you're ever so wrong! Remember this show wrote the book on comedy, acctually Lucille Ball wrote the book on comedy in my opinion. The show showed us orignal story lines, never a cheap knock off of another show or radio show, it was all origianl and so clean to! What has ever happened to normal polite comedy? Jokes now adays aren't considered funny unless they are about something sexual, you simply can't get people to laugh as hard without it! I've watched pretty much every epiosde a million times(okay a little less the a million) and still can't keep myself from laughing, it was true pure comedy, nothing less, and nothing less then original, that's why i gave it a 10!
  • Still funny after all these years.

    This is one of the oldest shows still played on TV Land and the funniest. Who would have thought a red-head and a cuban would make such an incredible couple. And in real life they were married too but got divorced later on. The show is about Lucy and her husband Ricky along with their neighbors the Mertz. Lucy has always been trying to get into show buisness, but her husband never lets her. So she comes up with these schemes that her neighbor Ethel gets her out of. Even though this is a 50s show its worth the laugh.
  • I Love Lucy Was the best of the classic shows.

    I wish this show would stay on air forever more.
    I Love Lucy Was the best of the classic shows. Rate: I give this show a 10 because its very funny and heart warming. When I'm writing my review, I not excellent at it. U got to get these cast pop for there hard work.
  • A show a head of its time.

    I Love Lucy was a show that set the trends for today. It was one of the first if not THE first to perform before a live audience, and one of the first to show the sexual tension between the two sexes. The comedic timing of all were perfect. This is a show that will live on for years in reruns
  • What can I say about Lucy, the only thing I can say is that I love Lucy, I really do. This show is indeed a classic and is a show of humor and friendship.

    Lucille Ball did a great job of being Lucy. She adopted to the character in a great way. She made us laugh and she could even make us cry at times. The silly things she would get herself in, and the way she would try to ge herself out of it was funny too. Lucy, was the star of the show, but there was also her lovable husband Ricky. There was also her landlords and best friends. The Mertezs. Ethel would always help Lucy on one of her crazy schemes, and Fred would help Ricky get back at Lucy too. They all had a wonderful friendship though, and I think that is what made this show another family favorite.
  • Easily was ahead of its time because we are stll laughing today, Lucille Ball you gave us so much and asked for just viewers in return...

    The original Queen of comedy still reigns today superior to any other female in the business (or male for that matter) th most recognizable face in TV history made us laugh even at the saddest of moments. Countless behind the scene troubles didnt stop this show's 7 years becoming instant classic. TV Guide rated it the number 2 sit com of all time, next only to Seinfeld. It ran away with a cast full of lovable characters, but CBS only wanted lucy of those fab four. Desi, Vivian, and William all originally werent wanted by anyone except Lucy who said "cast them". she proved to be right as the crowd quickly made it number one on the charts. never dipping under #5 it's amazing reign has no comparison. Lucille Ball gave us so many episodes and it is sad how as the years go on only those select few are really know. the Golf Game, The Camping Trip and countless other classics are rarely seen anymore but to true Lucy fans we see these as maybe some of the funniest. While Job Switching and Lucy Does a Television Commercial may be widely known, the others are big hits and line for line act outs for true fans who know the shows ptential greatness it always had, and always will.
  • One of the most brilliant shows in sit-com history!

    It's The Nanny of the 50's ... non-stop laughs and fantastic comedic timing. You can never get tired of watching Lucy in action ... I still laugh everytime I see her as the Queen of the gypsies ... or trying to sell vitametavegamin. This is a timeless classic that I recomend to comedy fans of all ages.
  • This is one of the Best shows ever!

    I Love Lucy is one of the best shows that was ever made. Think of the shows now. Do you think anyone will watch them 50 years from now and people still like it? NO, this is one of the only shows that can make people like it born 45 years after it first aired. The show and stories are true classics. Vitameatavegamin, the Chocolate Factory, the meat locker. You going down a street saying Vitameatavegamin and people will know exactly what you are talking about!
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