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  • One of the world's best classical shows

    I first saw this show when I was 11, and I freaking loved it!!! :-)
  • Re-watching the entire series

    Just bought the entire series, and finished season one. It took a few episodes to hit their stride, but these shows are perfection. Nobody mentions it but I Love Lucy was the Number 1 situation comedy on television for its ENTIRE run. I don't think any comedy has been that popular since. As a side note, Here's Lucy was the #1 situation comedy on TV in 1970. What an amazing legacy and run for Lucille Ball! I doubt there will ever be anyone as popular as Lucy again. Desi Arnaz is so under-rated. He is brilliant in this show. AND Vivian Vance... best supporting player ever . . . right up there with Don Knotts. Re-watching the show, I find myself marveling at Vivian Vance's excellence as much as I do Lucy's.

    If you are just watching the edited shows on TV, I recommend buying the series. Sloppy syndicated editing takes away the smoothness of the shows, and they don't play as well. And speaking of syndication, we owe a great deal of appreciation to the series' production crew. If it wasn't for the excellent cinematography, lighting, scripting and direction, no matter how brilliant the cast was, these would never had played in syndication.
  • A Legendary and Timeless Classic

    The Precursor of all Sitcom, I Love Lucy stands out still today as one of TV's greatest shows, mainly thanks to the wild and hilarious antics of the Queen of Comedy herself, Lucille Ball. Serving as the televised adaptation of Ms. Balls successful Radio Comedy "My Favorite Husband" I Love Lucy followed the antics of the worlds craziest Housewife, Lucy Ricardo. Each time you saw that famous Heart on a satin background, you knew the events that followed would eventually end up with the Red Headed Mischief Maker in an outrageous, perilous or downright bizarre situation. Whether it was becoming intoxicated due to a pick me up tonic with a high alcohol content, battling and losing to a high speed candy convert belt, brawling with another woman in an Italian Wine Vat, Tangoing with Ricky while hiding over 3 dozen eggs in her blouse and so on. More importantly Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz helped to pioneer many concepts that the sitcom continue to use today, such as multiple cameras, a live audience and filming in Hollywood rather than New York. Without I Love Lucy, shows such as Friends, Modern Family, Everybody Loves Raymond, 30 Rock or Seinfield may have never existed.
  • Wonderful!

    It brought forward very sarcastic clean wit from radio days. It was a groundbreaking show. TV was new then and Lucy's sitcom format set the standard from there on out. A timeless classic that didn't use dated material so it's still fresh as far as relationship and marital situations. Everybody has a favorite episode and everybody has seen just about all of the shows. The DVD set got me through the roughest time period in my life and that's all I watched (or listened) to for a rock solid year. The humor and banter between the characters kept my spirits lifted. There were a couple of clunker episodes but almost all of them were gems.
  • ilovelucy8

    I would describe I Love Lucy as the best tv show of all time. It will always be the best. Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball teamed up and invented something brilliant and what nobody had done before. It is great because no inappropriate things are in it. I wish more people today watched old classics, instead of what is on TV now. I am so glad I Love Lucy still shows!
  • i've been watching this show for a long time and it NEVER gets old.


    i've been watching this show for a long time and it NEVER gets old. I love this show for so many reasons. Like the character Lucy is so freakin hilarious. And all the characters are funny but not as nearly as Lucy. Now this show went on in the 50's and it still comes on TV land. WOW i'm suprised that no one gets old of this show. Now there have some boring episode but only like 1 or 2. Every show has the. Overal l10/10.

  • Lucy, a troublesome wife, always gets herself into trouble.

    I first saw this show when I was seven (yes, it was a rerun).
    Ever since then it had become my daily fix. I consider this show very well put together. Some black and white shows are better then most of the newer shows. The best thing about this show is that the viewers can relate to Lucy. An adult could see the child that they used to be in her. A child could see the adult that they could become (I sure did). I don't know how the script writers could make a new mess that Lucy got herself into every episode. This was a very good show and I'm glad I watched it.
  • A historic, clean, wholesome family show that is funnier then most sitcoms today.

    I Love Lucy is a show revolving a around the lives of one luny red-headed housewife Lucy Ricardo, her Cuban, conga-drumming,band leading, husband Ricky Ricardo,and there best friends (and landlords) who seems to always get into trouble with Lucy around Fred ,and Ethel Mertz.

    I grew up with this show ,and the Bond these characters make are something special.Lucy is starved to become a hollywood star ,but Ricky is not in favor/won't allow of it.Watch Lucy come up with schemes with her sidekick Ethel to try to get her way ,with Ricky ,and Fred trying to stop them.Also see them all go through other funny situations(mostly trouble Lucy caused) ,and some life changes that somehow brings these couples closer together.All four start off living in new york in an apartment building ,but also travel to Hollywood to all the way to Europe!

    Leave it a personal duty to yourself watch one of Television's funniest, comedys of all time.
  • Good show.

    I love the clean humor in this one. Their life reminds me of my own in an odd way. I recently rediscovered this show, and now I watch all the episodes I can. Each and every one is hilarious. This is one of my preferred shows to watch on television... I've almost watched every episode. I don't dislike any of the characters, they each have their unique brand of humor, and I find each of them amusing. Everyone that comes to my house during an episode gets to watch an episode, and usually they start out saying, "Gosh, this is a stupid show", and end up talking about what a great show it really is. Gotta love it!
  • Any show that is still funny all these years later is beyond amazing.

    I love to watch this show for the simple fact that it can always make me laugh. Always. This show is so funny all these years later. How Lucy reacts to things and comes up with her plots are amazing. She and Ricky make such a team. I love how each episode is similar but still hillarious. You can't beat Vitametavegamin or the episode where the horse is stuck on the stairs. I love when Ricky goes off in Spanish because he looks so much like my father, and acts like him as well. For a show that aired in the mid-50's, it is amazing how much staying power it has. Every generation embraces this show and will for generations to come!
  • Funny every time.

    I have been watching I Love Lucy episodes ever since before I started elementary school and now I'm in college... and I still love watching it. No matter how many times I watch each episode and even though I already know what's going to happen, I still can't help but laugh. I still enjoy watching the episodes. The characters are all funny in their own way which is one reason why this show is so enjoyable to watch. I Love Lucy is one of the best shows ever created and even though it's an old show, it's still entertaining and it never gets old. I doubt that I'll ever get tired of this classic.
  • An amazingly funny television show, surpassing anything of it's genre - back then and now.

    An amazingly funny television show, surpassing anything of it's genre - in the '50s and now. Lucille Ball was one of the most talented and funny actresses of all time. Her husband, Ricky Ricardo, a Cuban orchestra leader who couldn't pronouce English: saying dun't instead of don't, was years ahead of it's time - they were expecting people to be offended by a white woman married to an hispanic man. Little did they know that it was to become an iconic show from the fifties. Their neighbours, Ethel and Fred, who had been in Vaudeville decades earlier, were one of the highlights of the show, with Ethel always teasing Fred about his age, and Fred teasing Ethel about her weight, and the both of them teasing poor little Lucy about her naturally brown hair, rather than the red that she dyed it. Truly a great masterpiece in tv that no fan of comedy can miss.
  • I Love Lucy may very well be the greatest show in the history of television.

    I Love Lucy was the show that started it all. It is, along with the Honeymooners, one of the undisputed classics of television. Of course, it didn't seem that way in the beginning. Although it pales in comparison to some of the television shows we have today, a lot of the plotlines were very unprecedented and, dare I say, controversial in the 1950s. The subjects, attitudes, and origins of the characters and episodes were very sketchy at the show's height of fame. A Cuban bandleader? CUBAN? With such a thick accent? What about pregnancy? Pregnancy was VERY faux pas at the time. Imagine that, pregnancy being taboo on television! Nowadays it's more common than bottled water (and Maude taking a stab at abortion, oh, boy). The comedy certainly wasn't sophisticated, but the characters were very believable, and, most importantly, hilarious. Who could forget the classic Vitameatavegamin routine? Or the candy factory segment? I Love Lucy takes my vote as one of the greatest shows of all time, if not THE greatest. It's also one of the most influential, along with All in the Family. The one word to describe this show is, predictable, 'classic'.
  • I have every episode of I Love Lucy on DVD. I really enjoy everyone of them. Nice thing about it if you miss something that was said you can always go back too it hear what they said again.

    Some other good things about I Love Lucy on DVD is the special features they have you can find lots of information about I Love Lucy that you never knew before I know I found out lots of information about I Love Lucy that I never knew about before. Also if the phone rings or if someone comes too the door you can always pause it and go back to it later. Hard to that believe that Lucille Ball would be 100 years old this year.Right now I just watched Lucy gets homesick in Italy from season 5 April 9 1956.
  • the comical quirks of the red-headed wife of a cuban club singer.

    it amazes me how funny these episodes still are even though ive seen them a million times over!! The comical genius of Lucielle Ball IS EXTRAORDINARY!! from her subtle facial expressions to her extravagant physical comedy never bores the audience. Over the years that the show was aired, the fellow cast memebers began to shine and developed a comical sense themselves. From Ricky's slurred english to fred and ethel's constant punchlines increased the value of the show even more. Also as the years passed, the audience were able to see the raw acting ability of Lucy through her serious moments which she could just turn off and on. Id give this show an 11 if i could!
  • A great classic show about Lucy and her honey Ricky Ricardo also starring her friend and partner in crime Ethel and her husband Fred.

    I Love Lucy was a classic my parents had watched when they were young, I am so glad they gave me the chance to watch I Love Lucy when i was growing up. I still watch it on Nick @ Nite or any other channel. I loved watching Lucy getting into trouble or causing trouble for Ricky and her trying to come up with a good excuse getting out of the trouble she caused. The show was great when they showed her causing trouble with Ethel and Fred at times and during the pregnancy with little Ricky. It was also great to see the big move to Hollywood where she caused much trouble with celebrities and the times where she caused much trouble for Ricky and his awesome band when they were playing shows.
  • I love that old red head.

    When i was in the 4th grade i did a project on Lucy. Almost every body loved my impression of the goofy yet very talented Lucy Ball. Sad to say she died eariler because she was a smoker. This show was about a lady married to a cuban who were best friends with the people who owned the building that they lived in. Lucy always had schemes to get her self known as a star though her husband because he's a famous musican. He plays the drums and sings. They had a son named after the father which is little rickie.
  • I Love Lucy

    When I was a kid this was one of my favorite reruns to watch I can always remember loving every single moments I still love this show today and still find episodes funny this show never gets old all of the stories are just well planed and funny and I like all the story arks they do the where well thought out and planned the acting was done very well not a bad episode all of them funny I give this show a 10.0 because it is perfect in every way not a boring episode threw the whole series
    The End.
  • Lucy, Lucy, Lucy...

    Most of what I feel about this show has already been said. Transcendent. Unique. Groundbreaking. And just plain brilliant. It was a childhood favorite of mine as I'm sure it was for many others. It never failed in entertaining me, the characters were completely lovable and, well...it never failed in entertaining me. What else is there to say? It's probably the only show in history that never wavered in entertainment value. Lucy and her crazy antics, along with Ricky, Ethel, and Fred will remain a staple of the t.v. world that will continue sparking riotous laughter for generations to come. My kids and grandkids will love Lucy as much as I did.
  • I Love Lucy is a show about a quirky houewife and a showbiz husband. Lucy Ricardo is like any ordinary housewife, she cooks, and cleans. Only difference is she wants to be in all of Rickys shows but he won't let her. So shes always finding ways to get in.

    This is by far one of the greatest American television shows. It has you laughing from beginning to end. I think one of the best parts of the show is the fact that when they were filming it they did it like a stage show; Beginning straight through to the End. The show was always going in a new direction with Lucy's plans to get into Ricky's shows. I'd have to say their's never a dull episode of that show. I've been watching it ever since I was little, and I still laugh even though I've seen the episodes a million times. You really get to see how the typical life of a housewife was lead, and a man's life who worked at a club, and was a bandleader. They also went somewhere new for that time period with a interracial marriage on television. Nowadays when you watch it you really wouldn't think nothing of it. But back then it was very uncommon. It also says something that the show has never gone off air since it premiered in 1951.
  • love it its a cool show it funny lllucy always get into the trouble

    lucy is my favrite charter . my favrite eposide is where they steal the foot prints from hollywood and they keep one breaking them or ruing it its so funny and the other one is luccy dose the vit,in girl where she drinks it and then she starts to forget her lines. and the one she acts like shes sick to get nto ricks show that was funny i lve this show
  • A zany housewife trying to make it in showbiz despite her husband's constant hounding. Lucy would stop at nothing to get what she wanted and didn't hesitate to drag Ethel into her messes.

    Words can't describe the genius of this show. Not only has every story line been ripped off over and over again for the last fifty years, but Desi Arnaz pioneered the way television is filmed. He invented the three camera sitcom and with it brought to us a whole new world of entertainment. It aired a bit before my time, but I own the entire series on DVD it's one of my most treasured possesions. Funny for all ages. It only takes one wide eyed glare from Mrs. Magilucudy to warm your heart and jiggle your gut. Perfect.
  • Lucy Ricardo, wife of famous bandleader Ricky Ricardo, tries various times to get into show buisness along with their landlord, Fred and Ethel Mertz.

    "I Love Lucy" is my favorite show of all time. Before I discoved this show, in the Summer of '05, "Smallville" was my favorite (still a close second). This show NEVER gets old. There was only ONE episode I've ever disliked and that was the Lucy goes to Scotland episode. Yeah, I try to forget that exsisted. Anyway, I have no idea where I'd be without Lucy. She's the funniest character ever created on TV, movies, book, etc. I truly do love Lucy. Let's not forget Fred and Ethel. Ethel always makes me laugh and she's very underappreciated. Fred, also a great actor and comedian. A great, great character. Ricky, however, is not my favorite. It's kind of like he tries to be funny and most of the time unsuccessful. Anyway, it's still the best show on television and they've always had their flaws. Fan-freaking-tastic job!
  • Words cannot describe this magnificent show. Superlative, fabulous, Hilarious, Classic, Ahead of its Time, etc.

    "I Love Lucy" is one of the best episodes in the history of television. Every episode is funny. The thing that pulls you in is its comedy. Slapstick comedy, humor, talent, and other things. You flip channel after channel and when the Info box says "I Love Lucy" the first that comes to the is what zany crazy plan Lucy is going to do THIS time. Whether shes trying out at a Vitameatavegamin commercial, squashing grapes for wine in Italy, practicing the tango with a blouseful of eggs, raising 500 chickens in one house, stuffing chocolates in a mouth from a fast conveyor belt, copying a Marx Brother's every move in a mirror, or stealing John Wayne's footsteps at Grauhmn's, something wild and funny is bound to happen. A classic TV show. Funny.
  • I Love Lucy!!!!!!!!!!

    I Love Lucy!!!!!!!!!!Listen to these from the blog of Lucy at tvland.comYou already know that Lucie Arnaz will be featured in two amazing festival happenings, moderating the Legacy of Laughter (LOL) and in full concert. One of Saturday night’s LOL panelists will be Sebastien Gendry, founder of the American School of Laughter Yoga in Los Angeles. Sebastien, who was seen recently on Oprah, will also be offering Laughter Yoga Workshops every afternoon in the Tropicana Room, a fabulous reproduction of everyone’s favorite television nightclub! Vivian Vance, whom we all know and love as Ethel Mertz, will be celebrated at three festival events. Viv’s sister, Lou Ann Graham, will be sharing mementos and personal memories -- on a Treasure Chest Boat Cruise on Chautauqua Lake (where Ricky caught that “big” fish!) and on stage where we’re adding some special screening and a surprise live performance!

    Universal Studios Hollywood’s “Lucy” (Diane Vincent) and her sidekick “Ethel” (Rhonda Medina) will keep things rolling at Sunday afternoon’s Masquerade Party and Trivia Contest. They’ll show up lots of other places during the weekend, and you can even get your picture taken with them at a special photo op!

    Lucille Ball’s “sister” Cleo Smith will celebrate her birthday with fans at a fun picnic. “I Love Lucy” film editor Dann Cahn will introduce “Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana”, the story of how Lucy and Ricky Ricardo met and the first episode of The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. And the twins who traumatized Lucy in episode 14, “The Amateur Hour”, will make a special appearance. Film fests, outdoor movies, Lucytown Tours with Lucy-Desi VIPs, a Collector’s Show, a Lucy-Desi memorabilia auction, a pizza-tossing contest and more will round out the weekend. I sure hope you can be with us – Lucy-Desi Days in Lucy’s hometown is just way too much fun to miss!!
  • I Love Lucy has always been a classic. It has never been off air since date. This is one of the best shows in history. They made another series, it was called The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. Again, this is a very good show and is a classic TV show to watch.

    This show was the best show in the 1950s. Lucy has done every thing in her show. She went to Hollywood, meet famous people, baked pizza, been in trouble, and everything in between. One of the best things about this is it has no bad language. Lucy is still watch every second, and there is an event about Lucy and Desi in May. It is called Lucy-Desi days and lasts 3-4 days long. Always know, if you are not watching Lucy, someone else is watching her and her classic shows and movies.
  • Definitely a classic, duh!

    I love Lucy and she loves me...
    This is a great show. My mom didn't like it in it's original run, but when it aired on Nick @ Nite some years ago, she actually found it interesting.
    It's humor from the 1950's that is still found funny. It's a 1950's show that can still be enjoyed today.
    Lucille Ball is a talented actress. She makes this show work. Desi Arnaz is great, but he is nothing without Lucy.
    Vivian Vance and William Frawley are perfect as Ethel and Fred Mertz. They are stories about how Lucy was going to pick two other people to play Fred and Ethel, but instead chosse Vance and Frawley. Great choice. No one else could pull those characters off like those two.
  • classic

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  • I Love Lucy is a classic!

    I Love Lucy is about Lucy Ricardo, a woman who lives in New York City with her husband, Ricky Ricardo, a Cuban band leader, on 623 East 68th Street. She always tries to get into show business with the help of the landlords, Fred and Ethel Mertz. Ethel and Lucy are as thick as thieves. They get themselves into trouble and go through the funniest things. Ricky always tries to get back on them for trying to get her into show business. Lucy once did Vitameatavegamin commerical and got drunk. Lucy and Ethel worked in a chocolate factory, and so much more. It is a classic!
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