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  • One of the most brilliant shows in sit-com history!

    It's The Nanny of the 50's ... non-stop laughs and fantastic comedic timing. You can never get tired of watching Lucy in action ... I still laugh everytime I see her as the Queen of the gypsies ... or trying to sell vitametavegamin. This is a timeless classic that I recomend to comedy fans of all ages.
  • Wonderful!

    It brought forward very sarcastic clean wit from radio days. It was a groundbreaking show. TV was new then and Lucy's sitcom format set the standard from there on out. A timeless classic that didn't use dated material so it's still fresh as far as relationship and marital situations. Everybody has a favorite episode and everybody has seen just about all of the shows. The DVD set got me through the roughest time period in my life and that's all I watched (or listened) to for a rock solid year. The humor and banter between the characters kept my spirits lifted. There were a couple of clunker episodes but almost all of them were gems.
  • A historic, clean, wholesome family show that is funnier then most sitcoms today.

    I Love Lucy is a show revolving a around the lives of one luny red-headed housewife Lucy Ricardo, her Cuban, conga-drumming,band leading, husband Ricky Ricardo,and there best friends (and landlords) who seems to always get into trouble with Lucy around Fred ,and Ethel Mertz.

    I grew up with this show ,and the Bond these characters make are something special.Lucy is starved to become a hollywood star ,but Ricky is not in favor/won't allow of it.Watch Lucy come up with schemes with her sidekick Ethel to try to get her way ,with Ricky ,and Fred trying to stop them.Also see them all go through other funny situations(mostly trouble Lucy caused) ,and some life changes that somehow brings these couples closer together.All four start off living in new york in an apartment building ,but also travel to Hollywood to all the way to Europe!

    Leave it a personal duty to yourself watch one of Television's funniest, comedys of all time.
  • The original comedy and still hillarious after all these years

    If I had to describe this show in one word it would be: brilliant. It was fantastic and innovative and hillarious in its time, and it's stil great after all this time. I just love this show. It was one of the first shows that made me laugh out loud. Lucy was just such a fantastic and funny actress. This show changed television forever. I Love Lucy is enjoyable for people of all ages. You'll be laughing at Lucy's antics whether you're nine or ninety! Not only is this show one of the funniest shows ever, but it also has an innocence that most modern shows lack. It's great because instead of sitting through a ridiculous kids show, you can sit down and watch Lucy with your kids while at the same time you would not have to worry about them seeing/hearing something inappropriate. I Love Lucy was and still is a hillarious and fantastic show that will continue to enthrall people for years to come!
  • A classic if there ever was one.

    There is no other way to describe I Love Lucy other than the word timeless. It is as though I Love Lucy has no expiration date. Even after over 50 years, people still enjoy watching this show. To think that a show this old, and to add, not even in stunning HD color, says so much. Lucille Ball's comedic timing spans all generations. Viewers of all ages will truly enjoy this gem. I Love Lucy broke cultural boundaries and all the while created television history that will never be lost or forgotten. All television comedies should take a note from this show.
  • Good show.

    I love the clean humor in this one. Their life reminds me of my own in an odd way. I recently rediscovered this show, and now I watch all the episodes I can. Each and every one is hilarious. This is one of my preferred shows to watch on television... I've almost watched every episode. I don't dislike any of the characters, they each have their unique brand of humor, and I find each of them amusing. Everyone that comes to my house during an episode gets to watch an episode, and usually they start out saying, "Gosh, this is a stupid show", and end up talking about what a great show it really is. Gotta love it!
  • Any show that is still funny all these years later is beyond amazing.

    I love to watch this show for the simple fact that it can always make me laugh. Always. This show is so funny all these years later. How Lucy reacts to things and comes up with her plots are amazing. She and Ricky make such a team. I love how each episode is similar but still hillarious. You can't beat Vitametavegamin or the episode where the horse is stuck on the stairs. I love when Ricky goes off in Spanish because he looks so much like my father, and acts like him as well. For a show that aired in the mid-50's, it is amazing how much staying power it has. Every generation embraces this show and will for generations to come!
  • The adventures of a troublesome housewife, her bandleader husband, and her quarreling best friends.

    Probably the #1 television show of all time. An instatnt classic in every aspect. Well written, brilliantly performed, remarkably memorable. It has been frequently rerun on TV for many years, and thus, the audiences of today can gain exposure to the classic bits such as "Vitameatavegimin" and the "Conveyour Belt." Lucille Ball is top-notch, and finds plenty of opportunities to exhibit both her physical and verbal comic skills. Willian Frwaley is also in top form and in my opinion, rarely gets the credit he deserves. Absolutly amazing and revolutionary in every respect, from characters to filming methods, everybody should be exposed to this program.
  • Re-watching the entire series

    Just bought the entire series, and finished season one. It took a few episodes to hit their stride, but these shows are perfection. Nobody mentions it but I Love Lucy was the Number 1 situation comedy on television for its ENTIRE run. I don't think any comedy has been that popular since. As a side note, Here's Lucy was the #1 situation comedy on TV in 1970. What an amazing legacy and run for Lucille Ball! I doubt there will ever be anyone as popular as Lucy again. Desi Arnaz is so under-rated. He is brilliant in this show. AND Vivian Vance... best supporting player ever . . . right up there with Don Knotts. Re-watching the show, I find myself marveling at Vivian Vance's excellence as much as I do Lucy's.

    If you are just watching the edited shows on TV, I recommend buying the series. Sloppy syndicated editing takes away the smoothness of the shows, and they don't play as well. And speaking of syndication, we owe a great deal of appreciation to the series' production crew. If it wasn't for the excellent cinematography, lighting, scripting and direction, no matter how brilliant the cast was, these would never had played in syndication.
  • A Legendary and Timeless Classic

    The Precursor of all Sitcom, I Love Lucy stands out still today as one of TV's greatest shows, mainly thanks to the wild and hilarious antics of the Queen of Comedy herself, Lucille Ball. Serving as the televised adaptation of Ms. Balls successful Radio Comedy "My Favorite Husband" I Love Lucy followed the antics of the worlds craziest Housewife, Lucy Ricardo. Each time you saw that famous Heart on a satin background, you knew the events that followed would eventually end up with the Red Headed Mischief Maker in an outrageous, perilous or downright bizarre situation. Whether it was becoming intoxicated due to a pick me up tonic with a high alcohol content, battling and losing to a high speed candy convert belt, brawling with another woman in an Italian Wine Vat, Tangoing with Ricky while hiding over 3 dozen eggs in her blouse and so on. More importantly Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz helped to pioneer many concepts that the sitcom continue to use today, such as multiple cameras, a live audience and filming in Hollywood rather than New York. Without I Love Lucy, shows such as Friends, Modern Family, Everybody Loves Raymond, 30 Rock or Seinfield may have never existed.
  • ilovelucy8

    I would describe I Love Lucy as the best tv show of all time. It will always be the best. Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball teamed up and invented something brilliant and what nobody had done before. It is great because no inappropriate things are in it. I wish more people today watched old classics, instead of what is on TV now. I am so glad I Love Lucy still shows!
  • Lucy, a troublesome wife, always gets herself into trouble.

    I first saw this show when I was seven (yes, it was a rerun).
    Ever since then it had become my daily fix. I consider this show very well put together. Some black and white shows are better then most of the newer shows. The best thing about this show is that the viewers can relate to Lucy. An adult could see the child that they used to be in her. A child could see the adult that they could become (I sure did). I don't know how the script writers could make a new mess that Lucy got herself into every episode. This was a very good show and I'm glad I watched it.
  • An amazingly funny television show, surpassing anything of it's genre - back then and now.

    An amazingly funny television show, surpassing anything of it's genre - in the '50s and now. Lucille Ball was one of the most talented and funny actresses of all time. Her husband, Ricky Ricardo, a Cuban orchestra leader who couldn't pronouce English: saying dun't instead of don't, was years ahead of it's time - they were expecting people to be offended by a white woman married to an hispanic man. Little did they know that it was to become an iconic show from the fifties. Their neighbours, Ethel and Fred, who had been in Vaudeville decades earlier, were one of the highlights of the show, with Ethel always teasing Fred about his age, and Fred teasing Ethel about her weight, and the both of them teasing poor little Lucy about her naturally brown hair, rather than the red that she dyed it. Truly a great masterpiece in tv that no fan of comedy can miss.
  • I have every episode of I Love Lucy on DVD. I really enjoy everyone of them. Nice thing about it if you miss something that was said you can always go back too it hear what they said again.

    Some other good things about I Love Lucy on DVD is the special features they have you can find lots of information about I Love Lucy that you never knew before I know I found out lots of information about I Love Lucy that I never knew about before. Also if the phone rings or if someone comes too the door you can always pause it and go back to it later. Hard to that believe that Lucille Ball would be 100 years old this year.Right now I just watched Lucy gets homesick in Italy from season 5 April 9 1956.
  • A great classic show about Lucy and her honey Ricky Ricardo also starring her friend and partner in crime Ethel and her husband Fred.

    I Love Lucy was a classic my parents had watched when they were young, I am so glad they gave me the chance to watch I Love Lucy when i was growing up. I still watch it on Nick @ Nite or any other channel. I loved watching Lucy getting into trouble or causing trouble for Ricky and her trying to come up with a good excuse getting out of the trouble she caused. The show was great when they showed her causing trouble with Ethel and Fred at times and during the pregnancy with little Ricky. It was also great to see the big move to Hollywood where she caused much trouble with celebrities and the times where she caused much trouble for Ricky and his awesome band when they were playing shows.
  • Words cannot describe this magnificent show. Superlative, fabulous, Hilarious, Classic, Ahead of its Time, etc.

    "I Love Lucy" is one of the best episodes in the history of television. Every episode is funny. The thing that pulls you in is its comedy. Slapstick comedy, humor, talent, and other things. You flip channel after channel and when the Info box says "I Love Lucy" the first that comes to the is what zany crazy plan Lucy is going to do THIS time. Whether shes trying out at a Vitameatavegamin commercial, squashing grapes for wine in Italy, practicing the tango with a blouseful of eggs, raising 500 chickens in one house, stuffing chocolates in a mouth from a fast conveyor belt, copying a Marx Brother's every move in a mirror, or stealing John Wayne's footsteps at Grauhmn's, something wild and funny is bound to happen. A classic TV show. Funny.
  • I Love Lucy has always been a classic. It has never been off air since date. This is one of the best shows in history. They made another series, it was called The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. Again, this is a very good show and is a classic TV show to watch.

    This show was the best show in the 1950s. Lucy has done every thing in her show. She went to Hollywood, meet famous people, baked pizza, been in trouble, and everything in between. One of the best things about this is it has no bad language. Lucy is still watch every second, and there is an event about Lucy and Desi in May. It is called Lucy-Desi days and lasts 3-4 days long. Always know, if you are not watching Lucy, someone else is watching her and her classic shows and movies.
  • "I Love Lucy" has affected TV more than anyone could possibly understand. "I Love Lucy" IS TV!

    "I Love Lucy" is the best TV show in the history of time. This show is responsible for what we know as TV today. Desi Arnaz pioneered the television industry with his new ideas and business sense. Desi is responsible for the invention of re-runs, the three camera system, and numerous other techniques such as lighting. "I Love Lucy" broke bounds with their new use of make-up and comedy. Lucille Ball's comedic timeing is at a level unattainable to any commedienne today. "I Love Lucy" laid the base for today's TV shows. Influence can be seen in any show on TV today. "I Love Lucy" is an amazing show comedically and historically. TV wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for "I Love Lucy".
  • It's Lucy! What else is there more to say?

    I've seen every single episode at least 10-20 times, and I still love to watch this show. I love Lucy has brought me entertainment, comedy, and sillyness since I was little. This is one of the greatest shows of all time. Why else would it still be in syndication after all of these years? Lucy, Ethel, Ricky, and Fred are some of the best well-rounded characters to ever hit TV. All of Lucy's "stunts" are original and hilarious, and she always seems to get herself into trouble, or out of a sticky situation. I Love Lucy will always remain to be one of my favorite series of all time.
  • The sitcom that started all sitcoms.

    I Love Lucy was just about the first sitcom, that started a long line of sitcoms. Every week we tuned into Lucy, Desi, Fred, and Ethel.

    Lucy and Ethel would get into some of the worst messes I have ever seen in my life.

    The show had some fabulous guest stars especially of course Mr. John Wayne and Mr. William Holden, two that come to mind right away.

    The show never really lost its appeal even to the very end.
  • Classic comedy that is often copied. The story is centered around Lucy and all the goofy situations that she gets herself into. She isn't shy about involving her husband and/or her friends.

    This is still a good show by today’s standards. If you are too young to have watched it when it was originally one, do yourself a favor a watch it now. If any of the stories seem familiar it is because most comedy show since have used similar storylines. This is the ultimate compliment to the actors and writers of this show.

    Lucille Ball was the star of the show playing the title role of Lucy. Her real-life husband Desi Arnaz played her on-screen husband Ricky.
    Vivian Vance and William Frawley played their neighbors and best friends Ethel and Fred Mertz. All four actors were incredibly funny and talented.
  • This show is simply irresistable and genuinely irreplaceable . No other show sets the standards for how a good comedy should be.

    Great laughs, great times, great memories and a great show overall. Lucille Ball is a comedic legend whose shoes no other comedian male or female could ever replace. The jokes are ageless and never get stale no matter how many times you see them. Do not be discouraged just because this show is in black and white. Classics are always wondeful to watch no matter how they look. If you ever need a good time, a good laugh or just a good show that the entire family can watch, be sure to put this show on the top of your list.
  • Who does not love Lucy?

    Lucy is my romodel and she can make me laugh when I am down and out and mad at the world. I still laugh when I watch her get drunk on Vitametavegimanin in the commerical episode or stuffing her face with chocolate in Job Switching. Whoever does not love Lucy is a sadistic person with no soul. If T.V. Land ever quits airing Lucy, then somebody will have some 'splaining to do to all of her millions of fans. I Love Lucy rules!
  • I Love Lucy has won the hearts of the American People since its debut back in the early 1950s. Lucille Ball and husband Desi Arnaz both starred on the show along with Vivian Vance and William Frawley. All the stars would become household names from the su

    I Love Lucy will remain a classic....all of its episodes have been dubbed some of the best. Even today, in a modernized world, the 'Friends' and 'Raymond' watcher will glamour the 50s show. I Love Lucy has remained a staple, throughout its rerun years, and as modern technology takes over, it only benefits Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz more. Today, I Love Lucy can be transfered to color, and all of its glamorous episodes can come on DVD or Video.

    To this day, I've watched every single episode of 'I Love Lucy' and I wasn't even born during or before her time. Re-runs have paved the way to a special anniversary episode in 2001/2. Also, Lucille Ball would ride of the success of 'I Love Lucy' with 'The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour', 'The Lucy Show', and 'Here's Lucy'.
  • What can I say about Lucy, the only thing I can say is that I love Lucy, I really do. This show is indeed a classic and is a show of humor and friendship.

    Lucille Ball did a great job of being Lucy. She adopted to the character in a great way. She made us laugh and she could even make us cry at times. The silly things she would get herself in, and the way she would try to ge herself out of it was funny too. Lucy, was the star of the show, but there was also her lovable husband Ricky. There was also her landlords and best friends. The Mertezs. Ethel would always help Lucy on one of her crazy schemes, and Fred would help Ricky get back at Lucy too. They all had a wonderful friendship though, and I think that is what made this show another family favorite.
  • We are lucky to have a woman like Lucille Ball, the funniest woman around grace our screens with her talent.

    There is NO match for this drama queen. This show is waaaaaaay ahead of it's time. Comical is NOT the word I'm looking for here. More like, GUT BUSTING hysterical is more appropriate. There is not 1 second of any of the episodes that I do not have a smile on my face while I'm watching the funniest lady in show business. There never has been and there NEVER can be a match for Lucille Ball. Right up to the time of her death, she was making people laugh. That's dedication.
  • The Queen of Comedy and Her Court...

    I Love Lucy is a thing of beauty. 179 episodes abounding with comedic escapades and warm moments between four close friends and their adventures together. I have seen all 179 episodes and while many are better than others, even the worst one is still decent and evokes a chuckle.

    One of the most amazing things about the show is the chemistry between the four main stars. They are so amazing together that one finds it hard to believe that Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball had so many off camera marital problems and that William Frawley and Vivian Vance were not very fond of each other. There are so many scenes that are priceless that I can only name a few here. Who can forget the classic candy factory episode eating candy at a frantic rate or Lucy's classic rendition as the "Vitameatavegamin" girl? Or the scene where Lucy has a shirt full of eggs and must delicately dance the Tango with Ricky. I am remembering these scenes just like I saw them yesterday, but I experienced my first exposure to a Lucy episode when I was only 10 years old.

    Aside from the wholesome and marvelously funny scenes, the exposure to the Spanish language is also a nice bonus, most notably in the charming episode where Ricky renders "Little Red Riding Hood" in Spanish. The viewer is treated to some pleasant Latin and vaudevillian tunes throughout many of the episodes. This is an even bigger bonus for watching the show with children. They get exposure to songs they might otherwise never hear and are entertained with clean and uplifting comedy, all the while picking up some Spanish vocabulary.

    There is so much more I could say about the show. This is some of the finest comedy the world will ever see and I will treasure my Lucy tapes and the memory of these four icons of comedy forever. If you don't find this show the least bit funny, you should consider seeing a psychologist, or as Ricky would say, a "physiocologist." :o)
  • What can't you say about Lucy!

    Well you can't say that you didn't love her, I'll tell you that much. This show was hilarious as I watched it all the time as a young'in and now in my older years I still love it. A family comedy that never went too over the top but was always pretty outrageous, the situations they had. A classic indeed. It was just a great show and even some of it's offshoots where pretty good but nothing could hold a candle to the greatness of this show. In fact, it is my assumption that a lot of comedy shows today are based a lot of this show. A great show!
  • Has there ever been a sexier, funnier, classier woman than Lucille Ball? I don't even think Catherine and Audrey Hepburn could compete.

    Has there ever been a sexier, funnier, classier woman than Lucille Ball? I don't even think Catherine and Audrey Hepburn could compete.
    This show was wonderful. I love watching it in the morning on WB. Even though the show was masoginistic and such, you can't hold anything against it. Our culture wouldn't be the same today were it not for I Love Lucy.
  • i love lucy is agood comedy show i wish they would bring it back.lol. but thats nearly impossible 2 do right now. so yeah but its a grrrreeaat show

    i love is halarious and a lot of people still watch it and you know its one of the best family comedys ever . just to tell you guys they still put it a lot of times on tv land i watch it most of the time. so bla bb b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b bb b b b b b b b i did so many b's because i have to put 100 words mimimum and i did not have so much to say about the show. :)
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