I Love Lucy

CBS (ended 1957)



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  • I Love Lucy is a show about a quirky houewife and a showbiz husband. Lucy Ricardo is like any ordinary housewife, she cooks, and cleans. Only difference is she wants to be in all of Rickys shows but he won't let her. So shes always finding ways to get in.

    This is by far one of the greatest American television shows. It has you laughing from beginning to end. I think one of the best parts of the show is the fact that when they were filming it they did it like a stage show; Beginning straight through to the End. The show was always going in a new direction with Lucy's plans to get into Ricky's shows. I'd have to say their's never a dull episode of that show. I've been watching it ever since I was little, and I still laugh even though I've seen the episodes a million times. You really get to see how the typical life of a housewife was lead, and a man's life who worked at a club, and was a bandleader. They also went somewhere new for that time period with a interracial marriage on television. Nowadays when you watch it you really wouldn't think nothing of it. But back then it was very uncommon. It also says something that the show has never gone off air since it premiered in 1951.
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