I Love Lucy

CBS (ended 1957)





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  • A historic, clean, wholesome family show that is funnier then most sitcoms today.

    I Love Lucy is a show revolving a around the lives of one luny red-headed housewife Lucy Ricardo, her Cuban, conga-drumming,band leading, husband Ricky Ricardo,and there best friends (and landlords) who seems to always get into trouble with Lucy around Fred ,and Ethel Mertz.

    I grew up with this show ,and the Bond these characters make are something special.Lucy is starved to become a hollywood star ,but Ricky is not in favor/won't allow of it.Watch Lucy come up with schemes with her sidekick Ethel to try to get her way ,with Ricky ,and Fred trying to stop them.Also see them all go through other funny situations(mostly trouble Lucy caused) ,and some life changes that somehow brings these couples closer together.All four start off living in new york in an apartment building ,but also travel to Hollywood to all the way to Europe!

    Leave it a personal duty to yourself watch one of Television's funniest, comedys of all time.