I Love Lucy

Season 2 Episode 31

Ricky and Fred Are TV Fans

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 22, 1953 on CBS

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  • Ricky and Fred are watching tv. Lucy and Ethel want them to do some thing else. Lucy and Ethel go to the drug store to call Ricky Fred. They don't answer. Lucy and Ethel decide to go to a movie. They need some change. The person that works there will not

    give them money because they are watching the fights on tv. They decide to get it them selfs.The police thinks they are trying to still money. Lucy and Ethel run home and make it. Lucy and Ethel decide to go on the rufe to cut the wires to the tv. The police see them and take them to jail. Lucy tells them Ricky Ricardo is her husand and to call him. They call him.There is no aswer. The police decide to go over there them selfs. They call again. The police let Lucy and Ethel go.This Episode is very funny.
  • Good Episode..

    It is Rickys night off and he and Fred are fixing to watch the boxing match on TV. Before the fight begains they make a bet to who win the boxing match the we see Lucy and Ethel washing dishes afther they get done with the dishes they they think back when they whent out on rickys nights off (NO FLASHBACKS) they go to the coffee shop and try to make change when the cashier is not looking but he thinks that they are trying rob him he ask the cop to take them but before he can they get away that is what most of the episode is about when the fight ends the husband do not now that they where out of the house all in all it was a good
    episode THE END.
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