I Love Lucy

Season 2 Episode 9

Ricky Loses His Voice

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 1952 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ricky is ordered to stay in bed by his doctor and not talk for a week.

He's worried because he's to put together a whole new show for the new club owner, Mr. Chambers.

Lucy meets up with Mr. Chambers, in Ricky's absence, and assures him that Ricky is going to put on a wonderful show. Lucy then takes the horse by the reigns and decides to stage the show herself, with the aid of the Mertzes of course and some of their old vaudevillian pals.

While Lucy and the Mertzes get the show together she convinces Ricky that Mr. Chambers is putting the show together and she is still telling Mr. Chambers that Ricky has it all under control.

The night of the opening, Ricky is all better and back at the club.

The show opens with Ricky singing and all of a sudden, old flappers from the 20's start popping out around him instead of chorus girls.

He is dumbfounded and realizes Lucy and the Mertzes were behind it and it could cost him his job.

He's even more flabbergasted when Mr. Chambers himself joins in the roaring 20's act but also relieved that his job is saved.