I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 4

Ricky Sells the Car

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 1955 on CBS

Episode Recap

There's a man at the studio who wants to buy the car from Ricky. Lucy's packing with news that he did sell the car because the man who bought it paid almost what Ricky paid for it. He informs Lucy that they are going home on the train. While the Mertzes are there the tickets arrive. However when Lucy opens the envelop there are only three tickets instead of five. The Mertzes leave in disgust.

When Ricky comes home Lucy give him an earful about forgetting to buy tickets for the Mertzes. Lucy tries to call them to explain but hears that they have checked out. In the hotel garage the Mertzes are ready to go to New York on an overloaded motorcycle. The Ricardos try to talk them out of it to no avail. Fred starts the motorcycle but instead of going foward it goes in reverse. Crashing into something. Ricky finally agrees to pay for their train tickets but hotheaded Fred want him to pay for the motorcycle too.

Ethel comes back with bad news that no repair shop will fix the motorcycle and she got a ticket for dumping rubbish in the city limits. But a fight occurs between Lucy and the Mertzes when Lucy is sure that Ricky is going to buy their tickets. The Mertzes don't think so. Lucy gives them two of her train tickets.

Ricky comes home with two upper berth train tickets for the Mertzes. What Lucy didn't realize was that their tickets were for a compartment. Ethel comes gushing over about Ricky's generousity for a the deluxe accomodations. Ricky then calls the train company to see if there have been any cancellations for compartments only to find out that there haven't been. Lucy sneak in while Fred is sleeping to switch the tickets. Ethel comes back to see Lucy with her arm around Fred's neck reaching into his jacket. Lucy tries to explain but when she can't think of a good enough story she runs away.

Ethel comes barging into the Ricardo's hotel room yelling about Lucy and Fred having an affair. Lucy finally tells the truth. They exchange tickets only to find four tickets for upper berths. Fred exchanged the compartment tickets for berth tickets with the difference paying for the motorcycle. The train company calls to let Ricky know that there's a compartment available. Then Ricky realizes that he's paying for the compartment he had before again.