I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 10

Ricky's European Booking

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 1955 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ricky shares with Frd that he's going to Europe and that he can't take Lucy. Ricky mentions that he is going to promise to take Lucy on a special trip to Europe next year just the two of them. The boys run through a scenario where when Ricky mentions he's going to Europe has Fred (playing Lucy) get all excited and start calling people to tell them the news. When Ricky does tell Lucy she acts just like Fred thought she would. Ricky tries to explain that he can't afford to take her with him but Lucy doesn't seem to understand. Ethel comes bursting in saying that she heard the great news about their trip to Europe. Lucy mentions that she's not going. After the boys leave Ethel mentions that of course Ricky doesn't want her to come on the trip because he can spend the tour having a good time. Lucy gets mad at Ricky.

Lucy goes marching through the apartment with a sign saying "Ricky Ricardo unfair." She's also not speaking to him. Ricky calls around looking for a band manager for his European tour. In order for her to go Lucy offers to be his band manager but Ricky flatly refuses. She also asks that if she can raise the money herself can she go. Ricky agrees to that as long as it isn't going to cost him anything. Ricky hired Fred as his band manager when he hears that Fred used to book his vaudeville tour thus having experience. When Lucy tells Ethel the way she is going to Europe Fred agrees that she can pay for her own way too.

The girls are discouraged when it's harder to raise the money than they thought. They even go through the couch cushions and all their stashes of money. Lucy suggests holding a raffle to pay for their way. But in order to make everything sound legit they need to come up with a name for their make believe charity. They decide on Ladies Overseas Aid. Mr. Feldman, a local electronics store owner donates the TV and prints the tickets with his advertising. He also offers to hold the raffle in his store. that afternoon the girls come home with 3,000 tickets that they are going to sell for a dollar a piece. Lucy tries to get Ricky to buy some tickets and he does buy 20.

On her way to the drawing a man from the District Attorney's Office comes to question Lucy about their raffle. She confesses that the money is going to her and Ethel to send them to Europe. But the gentleman tells her that she committed fraud and that she can be jailed. He mentions that if they can stop the raffle before it takes place the girls won't go to jail. They barely get there in time. Ethel pulls a ticket but Lucy can't stop her. Mr. Feldman has a surprise for them, the president of the Ladies Overseas Aid is there to receive the money they have collected. Because if the girls keep the money they will go to jail, Lucy gives the president of the organization all of the money.

While Ricky is at a recording studio he receives a call from the cruise line. They mention that if Ricky's band plays on the boat that they were receive free passage. He runs home to tell Lucy that she is going to be able to come to Europe too. The girls return home and tell Fred that they found the money for their trip to Europe. Ethel remembered that the apartment building is in her name and mortgaged it. Fred faints. Ricky bursts in saying everyone can go to Europe with no extra cost and quickly revive Fred.