I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 10

Ricky's European Booking

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 1955 on CBS



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    • (Fred is playing with blocks alone.)
      Lucy: Where's the baby?
      Fred: Napping. He got bored.

    • Lucy: All we have to do for our needy cause is think up a good phony name.
      Ethel: I don't suppose we could call it "Two Bundles for Britain".
      Lucy: No, it has to sound real. How about Ladies Overseas Aid?
      Ethel: Well?
      Lucy: Look we're ladies, we want to go overseas, and boy do we need aid.

    • Ethel: Raffles are always held for needy causes.
      Lucy: Ethel, at this moment you and I are the two neediest causes I can think of.

    • Ethel: What we need is a good local raffle where they're giving away two trips to Europe, and we've got all the tickets.
      Lucy: Ha ha. Hey, why not hold our own raffle?
      Ethel: What?
      Lucy: The money we take in will pay for our trip. Now what could we raffle off?
      Ethel: Your brain, for thinking up an idea like that.

    • Lucy: How much do you get for selling blood?
      Ethel: Lucy, you couldn't get $2,800 worth of blood out of a herd of elephants.

    • Lucy: Money found in over stuffed chairs and sofa cushions: $9.73. Money from sugar bowls: $29.25. Piggy banks: $28.16. GTHP: $15.36.
      Ethel: What's GTHP?
      Lucy: Going through husband's pants.
      Ethel: Oh yeah.
      Lucy: Didn't you go through Fred's pants?
      Ethel: Every pair including his World War I calvary britches.
      Lucy: What did you get?
      Ethel: A handful of lint and a Woodrow Wilson button.

    • Ethel: I don't want to see Europe anyway. It's so old.

    • Ricky: It was just a wild thought. You wouldn't want to leave Ethel.
      Fred: Try me.

    • Lucy: If I raise the money myself, can I go?
      Ricky: Look, if you can raise enough money to go to Europe, let me know and I'll quit the band business.

    • Lucy: I bet I could get your boys all over Europe.
      Ricky: Yeah, but we play a lot better when we're all in one place.

    • Lucy: He doesn't think I ought to go with him.
      Ethel: What husband would?

    • Ethel: Lucy, Lucy, I was just down at the market and the butcher told me you were going to Europe.
      Lucy: The butcher? How'd he know?
      Ethel: The grocery boy told him.
      Lucy: How'd he get it?
      Ethel: He just made a delivery to Marion Strong.
      Lucy: Well how in the world did Marion...(realizes) Oh Marion Strong. She's just a hop, skip, and a blab from Caroline Appleby.

    • Ricky: What do I do now?
      Fred: Well you're married to her. I just read her mind.

    • Ricky: Fred, she won't act like that.
      Fred: Are we talking about the same Lucy?
      Ricky: If I promise her a wonderful trip later on, I think she will be reasonable.
      Fred: My Lucy has red hair and blue eyes. What does your Lucy look like?

    • Ricky: My agent has booked me and my band on a tour of Europe.
      Fred: Going to Europe? Say that's great. What's the problem?
      Ricky: I can't take Lucy along.
      Fred: Yeah, that is a problem.

  • Notes

    • There is also a plug for the Ball-Arnaz film "Forever Darling" when Ricky is seen singing the theme song of the movie with the Pied Pipers in a recording studio. This clip is cut from syndacated versions.

    • Hazel Pierce, Lucille Ball's stand-in and an extra on the show, was the raffle winner with ticket number 2825.

    • The reason the Ricardos and the Mertzes sailed to Europe was because American Export Lines paid Desilu Productions $12,000 to be put toward set building costs. They donated uniforms, deck chairs, and life preserves to give the set a more authentic feel.

    • When Lucy gets excited and curious about her going to Europe, she asks twice "how much will it be" but she mis-spoke the line both times.

    • Song: "Forever Darling"

    • This episode begins the first of 17 episodes devoted to the Ricardos' and the Mertzes' trip to Europe.

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