I Love Lucy

Season 2 Episode 10

Sales Resistance

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 26, 1953 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy tells Ethel she's had her weekly scolding for spending too much money. She then gets a package and it's a Handy Dandy kitchen helper. She tries to show Ricky what a good buy it is, but it doesn't work and he demands she call and return it. The next day the Handy Dandy salesman comes and picks up the kitchen helper and starts to make a more sales to Lucy. He first flatters her then turns up the heat and demonstrates the wonderful Handy Dandy vacuum cleaner. After the hard sell, and only $7.95 for the works Lucy can't resist so she buys it. Then the salesman tells her she only bought the works and the case, the hose, the attachments, the chord, even the on/off switch is extra.
Ethel comes and Lucy tells her she spent over $100 for the vacuum. She tries to hide it from Ricky, but every time he turns on the light to read, the vacuum turns on as Lucy forgot to unplug it. He finds it in the closet and demands she return it.
The next day Lucy decides instead of trying to deal with the salesman again to go door to door and sell it just like he did. She enters an apartment and throws a clump of mud on the woman's floor and guarantees that she'll pay the lady $10 if she can't get all the dirt up in 2 minutes with her amazing vacuum. The vacuum doesn't work, and Lucy doesn't know why until the lady says that she didn't pay her bill and the electricity was off.
Cut to Ricky and the Mertzes worrying about Lucy who soon appears looking very disheveled. She exclaims "Another hour and they'd have reported the death of another salesman".
She refuses to stay around when the salesman shows up because he might sell her a Handy Dandy bulldozer, so she and Ethel leave the boys to do the deed.
They return later and the boys claim they had no trouble at all with the salesman. Lucy finally digs out the truth, Ricky bought a new Handy Dandy refrigerator and Fred bought a new Handy Dandy washing machine.
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