I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 14

Second Honeymoon

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 23, 1956 on CBS

Episode Recap

The girls talk about the cruise being a second honeymoon for each of the couples. Lucy assumes her and Ricky are going to be doing everything together. But Ricky has to inform Lucy that he has a work schedule that is going to keep him too busy to do all the activities that Lucy wants to do. The girls decide to be partners until a romantic Fred comes along. He wants to spend every moment with Ethel. Lucy is nauseous at their romantic behavior.

They go to sign up for activities. Lucy is discouraged when everyone else signs up as couples. She waits for a partner outside sitting on a deck chair. In her quest for a partner she strikes up a conversation with a man sitting next to her only to have his wife come by. Next she talks to a dog who exentually runs off with a poodle. The ship's officer brings good news, he's found Lucy a ping pong partner named Kenneth Hamilton. While she's checking her hair and makeup a young boy comes over. He's her partner and he's quite a young gentleman when he offers Lucy his arm as they walk together.

Ricky reads in the ship's newspaper that Lucy entered the shuffleboard tournament. Lucy informs him that they won! He wonders who Kenneth Hamilton is. Lucy tries to make him jealous but the plan backfires when Kenneth Hamilton shows up to give Lucy back the cup they won. Ricky gets even telling Kenny that Lucy is going to "dance every dance with him." He even cracks up laughing afterward.

Dressed in formals Lucy and Kenny dance until it's past his bedtime. Ricky stops by to chat with Lucy but an officer interrupts them. They decide to meet up after Ricky's done working for some time alone. Around 2:30 am Lucy is waiting for Ricky on deck. Lots of couples come and go. A very tired Ricky meets up with Lucy. She wants to dance, he wants to sleep. He tries to stay awake while they look at the moon but soon falls asleep and starts snoring.

Determined to spend some time alone together with Ricky, Lucy enlists Ethel's help. The plan is when Ricky comes in to change clothes, Lucy locks the cabin door and hands Ethel the key through the porthole. Ethel is supposed to tell the band that Ricky isn't feeling well. Lucy also has disconnected the telephone wire. The plan works perfectly except that Ricky gets the night off. Lucy wedges herself in the porthole calling for Ethel to bring back the key but gets stuck in the proces. When Ricky sticks his head out another porthole Lucy explains her plan saying that Ricky was going to be her prisoner. The Mertzes show up with the key.

Ricky is outside serenading Lucy. Inside the cabin, workers are using blowtorches to get her out.