I Love Lucy

Season 3 Episode 15

Sentimental Anniversary

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 1954 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Lucy and Ricky want to spend their 13th wedding anniversary alone, but the Mertzes have another idea: a surprise party.

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  • An unusual episode, but quite revealing.

    This episode deals mostly with the relationship between Lucy and Ricky. The opening scene, with Lucy and Ethel talking about the anniversary gifts, is very much in the classic Lucy style. But once Lucy and Ricky have decided to celebrate their anniversary quietly, the shows changes a bit. There's less goofiness and the acting becomes more realistic. You can notice this especially in Lucy. Her voice becomes deeper and softer. It makes you wonder whether we see the real relationship here, although, according to the biographies, the marriage was already in trouble by then.

    The second half is very much in the farce tradition, but done without too many words. And I wondered how many takes were necessary to get Ricky's throw right. (He flings a champagne bottle from the back of the apartment through the window in the kitchen.)moreless
  • Its Ricky and Lucy aniversary they wanted to spend time alone together.

    Lucy hopes that Ricky remembers its their aniversary.Ethel knows what Lucy is getting! However she can't tell Lucy,what she got.But Lucy tries to get it out of her.She than found out about what Ricky's getting her.Will Ricky peek on his aniversery gift? Lucy tells Ricky for their aniversary.She wanted to spend time alone with him.However they had to lie to Fred and Ethel of theirs plans at night.Which got them surprise.As Lucy and Ricky tries to have an special time alone.Ethel and Fred comes into the room to prepare surprise them with their friends.

    This was an great episode.I wonderd if it was really Desi and Lucy aniversary for real.moreless
Barbara Pepper

Barbara Pepper

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Hazel Pierce

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Lucy gets a fur for her anniversary present, but leaves it laying on the chair in their apartment instead of wearing it out to dinner. Ethel didn't seem to wonder why Lucy wouldn't have worn her new fur.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Lucy: Now comes my yearly problem.
      Ethel: What's that?
      Lucy: Well, trying to figure out a way to give Ricky an inkling that it's our anniversary without his knowing he's being inkled.

    • (The girls admire Ricky's new golf clubs.)
      Ethel: What are those booties on there for?
      Lucy: Booties? Those are covers to protect the clubs.
      Ethel: Oh. What do those numbers mean?
      Lucy:Oh, Ethel, don't you know anything? Those numbers tell you how many strokes you take with that club.

    • Ethel: I've always wanted a fur coat.
      Fred: Now listen, honeybunch, if nature had intended for you to have a fur coat, you'd have been born with one.

    • (after Ethel indirectly reveals the hiding place of Lucy's anniversary gift)
      Ethel: Thank goodness it's gift-wrapped so you can't untie it.
      Lucy: Oh, can't I? I can get the meat out of a sausage without touching the skin.

  • NOTES (1)