I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 12

The Adagio

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 31, 1951 on CBS

Episode Recap

The Mertzes are having dinner at the Ricardo's apartment. While Ethel looks in the paper for a movie to see, Ricky calls Jerry, his agent, because he needs Apache dancers for a show at the club. Lucy mimes an Apache scene while Ricky is on the phone hoping that he will hire her, but he turns her down and goes into the kitchen to finish his phone call. Lucy, as usual, is determined to get the job by finding a partner and becoming so good that Ricky will have to hire them.

The next morning, Ethel introduces Fred to Lucy as an Apache dancer so that she can get a new hat. Since Lucy is desperate, she tries working with Fred. After a rocky start and a few crushed feet, Ethel comes back with the good news that she found a real French Apache dancer named Jean for her to rehearse with.

That afternoon, Jean comes over to rehearse except all he has on his mind is romance. Ethel comes up to warn Lucy that Ricky is coming home. Jean hides in the closet, but when Ricky comes for the music that he left on the desk, he meets a very nervous Lucy. After he leaves, Jean continues to chase Lucy around the family room and then leaves promising to come back.

Later that night the Ricardos are preparing for a night at the movies with the Mertzes. While Ricky goes into the bathroom to shave, Jean appears at the window to elope with Lucy. She tries to hide him from Ricky by sitting on the windowsill to block him from view. It doesn't work as Jean almost falls and starts to scream. Ricky pulls him inside wanting an answer as to why he is outside their window. After an angry exchange of words Jean challenges Ricky to a duel with pistols. After Lucy leaves, Ricky learns that the idea for a duel is fake, and Jean is there to rehearse with Lucy for the Apache dance at his club. Ricky plans a trick.

The Mertzes come to go to the movies and see Lucy all huddled in fear. Lucy tries to explain that Jean and Ricky are dueling in the bedroom. They hear gunfire. Jean comes out claiming that Ricky is dead. Lucy blames herself for Ricky's death. When Ricky comes out alive, she is overjoyed!

While in bed, Ricky and Lucy laugh about the events of the evening, not thinking much about it. Once Ricky is asleep she keeps thinking about it, realizing that it really wasn't that funny after all. To get even with him she pours a pitcher of ice water on him, but soon they make up over a passionate kiss.