I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 12

The Adagio

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 31, 1951 on CBS

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  • A French farce.

    This early in its run I Love Lucy still had to work on a limited budget, using tried and true formulas. That's why this entire episode is set in the apartment, has only one guest actor and resorts to the traditions of a French farce: Lucy needs to hide a strange man from her husband to avoid Ricky getting the wrong idea. That the man is French and pretends to be a classic French lover, adds more to the comic mix.

    I enjoyed the show for several reasons. Fred and Ricky each get a chance to shine. (Ethel unfortunately doesn't.) The story moves along nicely and there is some wonderful play with clichés. The title puzzles me, though. Adagio appears to be a dancing technique, but as everybody keeps referring to the dance in the show as Apache, why use this general term? Surely, in the fifties there was no political correctness yet that would stop people from using Apache as a title? Well, let's not forget that in the next season they couldn't put 'pregnant' in a title...
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