I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 14

The Amateur Hour

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 1952 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy and Ethel come home from shopping where Lucy has bought a dress for $59.95. She thinks she can charm Ricky into letting her keep the dress. They kiss 3 timesheavily (especially the last time)andLucyfinally gives up and shows Ricky the dress. After arguing, Ricky agrees that she can keep it if she pays for it herself.

The next morning, Lucy eats breakfast behind a newspaper because she's looking for a job. On his way out the door, Ricky mentions that he's working a charity event and won't be home until later. In reading the ads, Lucy find an ad for babysitting paying $5 an hour instead of 50 cents an hour like the other ones. Lucy calls to take the job, but Ethel wisely thinks there's a catch.

Mrs. Hudson drops off her son, Jimmy. Jimmy wants a snack and kicks Lucy when she tries to correct his manners. When they go in the kitchen, Mrs. Hudson drops off an identical twin Timmy. Confusion ensues when Lucy tries to keep track of one boy while she doesn't know that they are actually two twin boys.

When Lucy does find out they are twins, they proceed to "burn her at the stake". The boys are stopped by a phone call from their mother. Mrs. Hudson tells Lucy that she can't make it to the amateur show she entered the boys in and that if Lucy takes her place and wins, she can keep the prize money of $100. Lucy accepts the offer.

While Lucy and the Hudson twins perform their number, Elmer the frog gets loose and goes down the back of Lucy's shirt. This leads to a crazy dance with Rickyaccompanyingon a conga drum. Due to audience applause, Lucy and the twins win. Lucy kisses Ricky, and he finds out it's her when hermustachecomes off. Lucy has enough money for her dress.

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