I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 14

The Amateur Hour

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 1952 on CBS

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  • Double Trouble For Lucy

    No one will be too surprised to learn that Lucy has once again spent more money than she should have, this time on a dress. Anyone want to take a stab at Ricky's reaction? Yep, again just what you would expect. He wants her to take the dress back. Lucy can't bear to part with it though, and decides she'll get a job and pay for the dress herself.

    She ignores Ricky as she reads a paper to find a job, and Ricky remarks that this situation is quite a switch (a reference to an earlier episode in which Ricky read the paper and ignored Lucy). Finally, she finds a job babysitting that pays $5.00/hour, a sum that doesn't sound like much now but must have been a decent figure in those days since Lucy is put through hell for it. She thinks she'll be babysitting one little boy, but there's a catch....he has a twin! She ends up entering a talent show with the boys and wins the money she needs to pay for her dress.

    One observation I've had having recently watched the later episodes of Lucy and now watching the earlier ones is that Lucy seems to always have some bit of luck that saves her in these early shows and that's not always the case later on. For instance, in the last couple episodes of the show, Lucy is raising tulips and ends up destroying her garden and those of a neighbor. She tries to replace them with wax tulips but she doesn't get away with it. In the last episode, she accidentally destroys a statue the Ricardos are supposed to dedicate. She tries to pose as the statue, but is unable to get away with it.

    Compare that to these earlier episodes. In the episodes at the beginning of the show, when Lucy gets into Ricky's act, she tends to do a good job. It almost makes you wonder what Ricky objects to her entering his acts. In later episodes, she always humiliates herself entering his act. And in these early episodes, whenever Lucy needs money, there is always some kind of miracle prize she can win (this episode and the Quiz show are good examples) and she always does win in the end. This episode was another solid one, although Ricky's song was pointless and added nothing to the episode (not that this is the only instance in which Ricky takes up a portion of the episode singing in a non-comedic bit). It says something about the writing on this show that it is often difficult to distinguish a good episode of Lucy from an even better one. The quality of the writing is quite consistent.