I Love Lucy

Season 2 Episode 1

The Anniversary Present

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 1952 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Grace Foster lives in apartment 2A.

    • Lucy and Ethel call the furnace pipe "the snooper's friend".

    • Continuity Goof: In this episode, Ricky buys Lucy real pearls with a little help from Grace Foster. However, in a 1959 episode of the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Comedy Hour, entitled,"The Ricardos Go to Japan," Lucy wants real pearls, and makes a big deal out of the fact that she only has fake pearls that she bought from Gimbel's. What happened to those pearls that Ricky gives her in this episode?

  • Quotes

    • Lucy: What are you doing in Grace Foster's apartment when her husband's out of town?
      Ricky: (thinking) Uh...
      Grace: (thinking) Uh...
      Lucy: Well you both got the same story.

    • (Lucy and Ethel, dressed as painters, are helped off of the scaffold outside and into Grace Foster's apartment)
      Fred: I wonder what makes this one so heavy. (seeing that it's really Ethel) Oh. No wonder!

    • (Lucy and Ethel are at the furnace in the basement trying to eavesdrop on Ricky and Grace)
      Voice of woman from 4B: Albert!
      Voice of Albert: What?
      Voice of woman from 4B: Lunch is ready.
      Voice of Albert: All right!
      Lucy: 4B is coming in good and clear. Where's 2A?
      Ethel: (into the furnace) Come in 2A! Come in 2A! Over!

    • (Ricky has just left and Lucy is still waving, in a state of shock)
      Ethel: (seeing Lucy waving) What's the matter with you?
      Lucy: Oh, Ethel! It's all true. I've lost him.
      Ethel: What?
      Lucy: I listened on the extension. Grace Foster asked him to come down and he flew to her waiting arms.
      Ethel: Oh, Lucy!
      Lucy: I still can't believe that he chose her over me. After all, don't eleven years of faithful service count for anything?
      Ethel: Oh, you poor little thing!
      Lucy: You'd think if he was going to let me go like this he'd at least give me a gold watch. Or...or a letter of recommendation.

    • (Lucy begins crying after she finds out that Ricky was seen going to Grace Foster's apartment)
      Ethel: Oh, Lucy! You're much more attractive than Grace Foster.
      Lucy: I am?
      Ethel: Oh, certainly. You're much prettier than she is. You've got a better figure. You've got much more personality. As a matter of fact, Grace Foster hasn't got anything you haven't got.
      Lucy: She has so.
      Ethel: What?
      Lucy: (in tears) She's got Ricky.

    • Ricky is talking to Grace Foster on the phone
      Ricky: (after Lucy comes in) All right, Sam. (pause) Yeah, that's right, Sam.
      Lucy: How do you want your eggs, scrambled or fried?
      Ricky: (to Lucy) Sam. (to Grace Foster) I'll talk to you later, Scrambled. (to Lucy) Scrambled.
      Grace: Did Lucy just come in?
      Ricky: Uh,that's right, Sam.
      Grace: Well, look. Why don't you come down to my apartment and we'll talk about it? I'll be here for another half hour.
      Ricky: OK, I'll do that, Sam. (pause) Goodbye, Sam. See you later. (hangs up)
      Lucy: Who was that?
      Ricky: Sam.

    • Lucy: (hinting to Ricky about their anniversary) Do you remember anything important that happens on that day?
      Ricky: Oh yeah, That's the day they collect the trash.

  • Notes

    • For this and the next two episodes, the opening sequence has the animated Ricky playing a guitar at the bottom of a staircase while the animated Lucy plays drums at the top. She falls and pulls down the Philip Morris box cover over her and Ricky revealing the title and stars.

    • Music performed on this episode included "Down Argentine Way".

    • Lucille Ball learned she was pregnant again, because of this the episode was filmed the previous spring and held over for this fall in order to give her some maternity leave later on in the season.

    • In previous episodes (i.e. "The Gossip,") it's mentioned that Grace Foster is a blonde. However, in this episode it is apparent that she is a brunette.

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