I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 6

The Audition Show

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 1951 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy pesters Ricky about an audition for a TV show. Lucy wants a part in the show while Ricky disagrees. He says that he "doesn't want his wife in show business". Fred comes over with the mail and the receives good news of his audition tonight. Also in the mail are copies of Lucy and Ricky's wills. The plan is for Lucy to take the signed wills downtown and keep her occupied all day. Again trying to convince Ricky to let her be in the show, Lucy dresses up with a lamp shade and a fur stole pretending to be a showgirl. Again Ricky says no.

At the club, Ricky is rehearsing for his TV show audition. Trying to do a handstand on his bicycle handlebars, Boffo the Clown crashes into a table when the brakes lock. Ricky suggests that Boffo go to his apartment to rest before the show.

Lucy comes home from her sojourn downtown to find a strange man in the apartment, and she starts beating him with her purse. Boffo tries the bike again only to crash through the kitchen door. Hurt once more, Boffo suggests that Lucy take his place.

That night at the club, Ricky is distressed when he hasn't heard from or seen Boffo. He decides to end the show only to have Lucy in costume come out. Ricky and Lucy perform "The Professor" act with a trick cello and are a big success.

Back home, Ricky is sullen because Lucy was offered the TV contract and not him. Lucy tries to show him that she really is the type of wife he wants by cleaning the house, bringing him his slippers, and cooking. He misunderstands her by thinking that she's pregnant but instead Lucy really baked his favorite pie.