I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 19

The Ballet

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 1952 on CBS



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    • Lucy: I'm going to get in that show, or my name isn't Lucy Ricardo.
      Ricky: What did you say, Clem?

    • Ricky: By the way, what was the terrible accident on the streetcar?
      Fred: (laughing) Wouldn't you like to know!
      Ricky: No.
      Fred: Well, I'll tell you anyway. But remember, this is my best gag and you gotta promise not to use it.
      Ricky: OK, I promise. What was the terrible accident on the streetcar, Fred?
      Fred: Well, a man had his eye on a seat and a woman sat on it. (Ricky looks away in disdain while Fred laughs) What a pipperoo! Remember now, you promised not to use it.
      Ricky: That's one promise I will never break.

    • Burlesque Comic: (to Lucy) Say, you're a nice looking fella.

    • Madame Lemond: I think we should go to the barre.
      Lucy: Oh good, cause I'm awful thirsty.

    • Lucy: I'm going to get in that show if it's the last thing I do.
      Ethel: Lucy, you're too young to die.

    • Lucy: Here I am with all this talent bottled up inside of me, and you're always sitting on the cork.

    • Lucy: (after her ballet dance) Well?
      Ricky: (to Lucy) Well, you'll do for the comic, but who am I gonna get for the ballet dancer?

    • Ricky: (speaking about Lucy) What am I going to do about her?
      Fred: Have you ever thought of putting her in a large basket and leaving her on somebody's doorstep?
      Ricky: That wouldn't work. She's too smart. She'd find her way home.

    • Lucy: I was in a dance recital in high school, The Dance of The Flowers.
      Fred: She has got nice stems.
      Lucy: Thank you. I was the only petunia that did a solo.

    • Lucy: Even with the barre?
      Madame Lamond: Even with the barre!

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