I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 13

The Benefit

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 1952 on CBS

Episode Recap

The foursome are playing cards. Once the game is finished Ethel notices some sheet music on the piano and starts to play. Ricky, Fred, and eventually off-key Lucy join in. While the boys are in the kitchen getting something to eat, Ethel asks Lucy if she can get Ricky to perform for her women's club benefit. Lucy only agrees to help if she can perform too. Ethel begrudgingly agrees. As soon as the Mertzes leave, Lucy starts to charm Ricky, but Fred has already warned him about Ethel's club benefit. Ricky refuses to perform. Lucy cries, knowing he will give in and he does.

The next day, Ricky brings home a song that he claims is the only one that will work with Lucy's voice. They sing the song, but at the end, Lucy is furious when her part makes her sound like a dog barking. She demands another song, but Ricky refuses.

Ethel comes over to show off the poster for the benefit. Lucy breaks the bad news that Ricky won't be performing for her women's club. She and Ethel break into Ricky's costume closet to find inspiration for an act they can do together, coming across a horse costume for two. She convinces Ethel to be the back end of the horse, but things turn sour when Fred walks in and recognizes Ethel while she's in the costume. Fred brings good news, though, a song that Ricky and Lucy are going to do at the benefit. When Fred and Lucy go over the song and the enclosed jokes, Lucy gets angry when she finds that Ricky keeps all the good punch lines to himself. Lucy refuses to perform but quickly changes her mind when she thinks of a plan.

At the benefit, Lucy re-writes the jokes so that she gets all the punchlines to herself. To try and get a laugh, Ricky throws in a joke that she doesn't know and it falls flat. Eventually he gives up because he knows that he can't win, but they do finish as a big hit.
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