I Love Lucy

Season 3 Episode 14

The Charm School

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 1954 on CBS

Episode Recap

A gathering at the Ricardo's has the girls in a snit as they men ignore them and keep to themselves in the next room. This "separation of the goats from the sheep" doesn't last when a friend brings his sophisticated date and charms the men. They fall over each other to try to get her attention.

Lucy decides she and Ethel should check out the charm school that the woman attended.

Miss Emerson's Charm School seems to be a great way for the girls to better themselves. Miss Emerson rates them and a scale of 100 points. Lucy garners 32 points and Ethel 31.

If anyone needs charm lessons, these two do. They go through training with Miss Emerson who whips them into shape, teaching them to speak correctly and walk and act like ladies.

Lucy and Ethel put on their best dresses and best airs of sophistication to impress their husbands who aren't delighted at all.

To show the girls just how silly they are, Ricky dresses up in Elizabethan gentleman's attire and Fred throws on a tux with tails and top hat. The girls are then convinced that their husbands don't want sophisticated, attractive women, they want their wives they way they were.