I Love Lucy

Season 2 Episode 7

The Courtroom

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 1952 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When the judge kicked in his TV screen, it's very clear that the screen isn't made of glass.

    • When the judge puts the two wires on the TV set together, there is the explosion and the smoke goes everywhere. But when the camera switches back there is no smoke.

    • Continuity Goof: This episode shows Fred and Ethel celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. During season one, the Mertzes celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary.

    • In this episode, Fred and Ethel are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. Just a year earlier, in episode #2, they were celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary.

  • Quotes

    • Ethel: (taking an oath) I solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth--which is more than someone else in the room did--so help me.

    • (Ethel crosses her legs and hikes up her dress)
      Fred: What are you tryin' to do, lose the case for us? (pulling her dress back down)

    • (Lucy and Ricky are rehearsing for their day in court)
      Ricky: Now, Mrs. Ricardo. Tell us, in your own words, what happened on the night in question.
      Lucy: Well, uh, we went down to the Mertzes'--
      Ricky: No, no, no, no. I mean in your own words that I wrote for you.

    • (Fred has just kicked a hole in the screen of the Ricardos' TV set)
      Ricky: Now listen, you! You're gonna pay for having that set fixed, Mr. Mertz.
      Fred: Oh yeah? You're gonna pay to have our set fixed, Mr. Ricardo!
      Lucy: We are not!
      Ethel: You are too!
      Ricky: We are not!
      Fred: You are too! Or we'll sue you!
      Ricky: Well, we'll see who's gonna sue who.
      Lucy: Yeah, we'll sue who's gonna see--

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