I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 3

The Diet

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 29, 1951 on CBS



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    • Ricky: All right, all right. You can come down and audition in the morning.
      Lucy: Good! Fred and Ethel, now you heard that. You're witnesses.
      Ricky: Yeah, but it's gonna be strictly business. I never saw you before in my life. OK, Lucy? Lucy?
      Lucy: I beg your pardon. Have we been introduced?

    • Lucy: What's the matter, Ricky?
      Ricky: Joann is quitting.
      Fred: Who's Joann?
      Lucy: Oh, that's terrible!
      Fred: Who's Joann?
      Ricky: At a time like this still.
      Fred: Who's Joann?
      Lucy: Why did she quit?
      Fred: Who's Joann?
      Ricky: She's getting married.
      Ethel: Who's Joann?
      Lucy: She's the girl that dances with Ricky.
      Fred: Now what was I doing wrong?

    • Lucy: All right. How much do I weigh?
      Ricky: (reading the scale) 45 pounds--and stop leaning on us!

    • Lucy: You ought to watch that, Ethel. Of course, it doesn't matter what I eat because it doesn't go to fat.
      Ricky: Where does it go to? Thin?

    • Lucy: Don't pick on him. Ricky ate more oysters than all of us put together.
      Ricky: Naturally.
      Lucy: What do you mean,'naturally'?
      Ricky: Because I got more R's in my name than anyone else.

    • Fred: I only ate twelve oysters.
      Lucy: Sixteen, but who counts?
      Ethel: Fred, did you really eat sixteen oysters?
      Fred: You heard what the oyster counter said!

    • Lucy: I'm as strong as a very weak horse.

    • (Lucy is in the steam cooker.)
      Ethel: If you spend five hours in there, it really will be your last day.

    • Lucy: I'm going down to the corner bakery to smell the bread.

    • (Lucy and Butch are under the table. Their wrestling causes the table to move.)
      Fred: Who's under there?
      Ricky: Who's under the table?
      Lucy: Nobody here but us dogs.

    • Dancer #2: (to Lucy) I've known Ricky Ricardo a long time; you're not his type.

    • Dancer #1: (to Lucy) If I'd known [Ricky] wanted older women, I'd have brought my mother.

    • (After Ricky says she can't try out for a job in his act.)
      Lucy: You can forget you even knew me.
      Ricky: That's a very tempting offer.

    • Lucy: But someday, in spite of you, opportunity will knock and what'll happen? I'll be so big and fat I won't be able to get up and open the door.

    • Lucy: I'm nothing but a big, bloated bunch of blubber.

    • Ethel: What if I cried every time I gained a pound?
      Fred: We'd be up to our ears in tears.

    • (Ethel commenting on Ricky and Fred)
      Ethel: They make quite a picture don't they, Lucy.
      Lucy: Yeah, Porky and Fatso taking it easy.

    • Ethel: How's your steak Ricky?
      Ricky: Good.
      Ethel: How's yours Fred?
      Fred: Great. Nice and tender.
      Lucy: How's your celery Lucy?
      Lucy: Oh just fine, thank you. It's cooked just the way I like it, nice and tender.

    • Ethel: (commenting on Lucy's weight gain) On behalf of our tubby trio, I welcome you to our flabby foursome.

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    • In this episode, Ricky admits eating the most oysters because he has "more R's in his name than anyone else." His comment is based on the well-known phrase: "Oysters 'r' in season." Traditionally, oysters are best eaten during months that contain the letter 'r' (September through April) because they are most flavorful during that time.

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