I Love Lucy

Season 5 Episode 16

The Fox Hunt

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 1956 on CBS

Episode Recap

The Ricardos come back to the hotel from a party. Lucy is upset at Ricky for spending all night with a young lady named Angela Randall. While they are getting ready for bed Ricky receives a call from Sir Clive Richardson, a famous British movie producer for a meeting. Lucy wants him to ask Sir Clive for an invitation to his country home for a weekend of fox hunting.

Lucy of course has a plan. The Mertzes come up with a clothing box and a hat box. Ethel is supposed to call at 11:30am. Ricky tries to get rid of Lucy so that she won't interfere with his meeting with Sir Clive. But little does Ricky expect that Lucy plays a big part of their meeting. She serves as translator for the two gentlemen because they can't understand each other because of their accents and dialects. Lucy excuses herself leaving Ricky and Sir Clive to try any understand each other. Shortly thereafter Lucy comes out wearing a riding outfit. She claims that an earl invited them over to his country place for the weekend. At 11:30 the phone call arrives saying that the earl had to cancel. Lucy gets her invite for fox hunting from Sir Clive! Another phone call comes in from Sir Clive's daughter who arrives to take her father to lunch. Ricky says he'll be happy to meet her while Sir Clive explains that Ricky met his daughter last night. The young lady from last night, Angela Randall shows up in the Ricardos hotel room. Lucy is surprised to see her. Ricky explains that Angela Randall is her stage name. Now Lucy tries to get out of the weekend invite to the country to no avail. Soon the Mertzes comes bursting through the door wearing riding outfits with hound dogs. Lucy informs them that they're invited too.

At Sir Clive's estate, Lucy is angry that Angela is monopolizing Ricky. She vows not to let them out of her sight again. Angela asks Lucy is she can take Ricky to a friend's party. In honor of the American guests Sir Clive arranges a fox hunt. On their way to tea Lucy admits to Ethel that she's never been on a horse. At the fox hunt Lucy has a hard time mounting the horse even landing on the groom's shoulders. Once on the horse, Lucy repeatedly goes around the stable.

Later Angela, Sir Clive, and Ricky come walking back to the stable wondering where the fox went. No one knows where Lucy is because her horse came back a while ago with no rider. A huge bush comes walking by. It's Lucy and she says that she's not alone in the bush. When she turns around a fox's tail is sticking out of the bush. Lucy caught the fox!
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