I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 29

The Freezer

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 1952 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Lucy never told the meat delivery man which apartment she lived in, just the address of the building. How did he know which apartment Lucy lived in? She should've said "623 East 68th St, apartment 4A."

  • Quotes

    • Ethel: Good morning, Lucy.
      Lucy: Oh yeah?
      Ethel: (turning to leave) Goodbye, Lucy.
      Lucy: Came back, Ethel.
      Ethel: If I wanted to stay with somebody grumpy, I'd have stayed downstairs with Fred.

    • Lucy: (running her sales pitch on one of the customers at the butcher shop) Psst! Psst! Come here. Are you tired of paying high prices? Are you interested in a little high-class beef? You want a bargain? Tell ya what I'm gonna do. Step a little closer. I don't wanna block the traffic. Now you look like a smart dame. What'll it be? I got sirloin, tenderloin, T-bone, rump, pot roast, chuck roast, oxtail, stump.

    • Lucy: Ricky and Fred are gonna kill us.
      Ethel: Yes, but by buying it all wholesale, we saved them at least five hundred dollars.
      Lucy: I hope you explain all that before their fingers tighten around our throats.

    • Ethel: (on the phone) Hello. Uncle Oscar? This is little Ethel.
      Lucy: Little?!

    • Ricky: Something smells good.
      Ethel: Yeah, smells like somebody's cooking a roast--
      Fred: Sure does.
      Lucy: Fred! Where were you just now?
      Fred: Downstairs lighting the furnace.
      Lucy: Unplug me! Unplug me!
      (Ricky unplugs the electric blanket and Lucy takes off)
      RickyLucy: Don't ask any questions, just grab a knife, a fork, a bottle of ketchup and follow me to (crying) the biggest barbecue in the whole world!

    • Ricky: Honey, you sure you're going to be all right?
      Lucy: Y-y-y-yeah. P-p-p-put the blanket up another notch.
      Ethel: Well, we can be sure of one thing that freezer really freezes.
      Lucy: Oh boy! You can s-say that again.

    • Meat Man: Sorry ladies, once a side of beef has been cut, we're not allowed to bring it back.
      Lucy: Come on Ethel.
      Ethel: What are we going to do?
      Lucy: I'm going to paste this animal back together again.

    • Ricky: Girls, we want to talk to you.
      Lucy: About what?
      Fred: I ran into Uncle Oscar today.
      Lucy: Start packing, Ethel.
      Ricky: Wait a minute girls, we're not mad at you. We think it's a wonderful idea that you got the freezer.
      Fred: Yeah, that was a really smart business deal!
      Ricky: In fact, we like it so much, that we want to do our share, too. And just to get you started, here's what we got! (pulls up a huge hunk of meat) 30 pounds of meat!
      Lucy: Gee, swell!
      Ricky: Did you ever see this much meat in your life?
      Lucy: (knowingly) No... boy, that sure is a lot of meat, isn't it, Ethel?

    • Ricky: (to Ethel) What would you like for me to sing next?
      Ethel: Anything at all.
      Fred: How about that little Cuban ditty,"Let's Vamosso To El Freezo"?

    • Lucy (to Ethel): Listen you take care of the ham, while I take care of the beef.

    • Lucy: You don't supposed they'd believe that a cow wandered in there and fell apart.

    • Customer: Is this choice meat?
      Lucy: Ethel, give the little lady her choice.

    • Lucy: That isn't a side of beef. That's a side of elephant.

    • Ethel: My Uncle Oscar is a butcher, and he has a big cold chest.
      Lucy: Why don't you knit him a sweater?

    • Lucy: Gee, why is it that everything wonderful costs money?

    • Lucy: Look, it says this freezer pays for itself.
      Ricky: Well let me see. (looks at paper) Hey maybe we ought to get one.
      Lucy: Really?
      Ricky: As soon as it's done paying for itself, tell it to come on over.

    • Ricky: Hey, what goes here? Just two eggs. Where's the bacon?
      Lucy: Bacon happens to be 75 cents a pound.
      Ricky: Look Lucy, I can't eat eggs that way. They look absolutely naked.
      Lucy: Look the other way when you eat them.

  • Notes

    • Songs: "Cielito Lindo," "Mama Inez"

    • This is the first episode where Desi Arnaz is credited as Executive Producer. This was done at Arnaz's request and would cause later friction between Arnaz and producer/writer Jess Oppenheimer.

    • This episode got a brief reference in the movie Rat Race, which had several scenes featuring a busload of Lucy Ricardo impersonators.

    • Barbara Pepper and Lucille Ball were great friends from their days as Goldwyn showgirls in the film Roman Scandals . Consequently, Barbara can be seen in many episodes of "Lucy."

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