I Love Lucy

Season 3 Episode 2

The Girls Go Into Business

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 1953 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy and Ethel return home and try to hide the fact that they'd just bought new dresses.
Ricky is once more disheartened by showbusiness and wants to try something else. The girls tell them about Hansen's dress shop that's for sale, but the boys don't want anything to do with a dress shop. Lucy tries to convince him it's a good idea and accidentally rats herself out about the new dress, which Ricky demands she promptly return.
The next day Lucy and Ethel go to return the dress and Mrs Hansen is there, the girls tell her that they tried convincing their husbands to buy the place. Mrs Hansen tells them to buy it themselves and tells them of her great stock and how easy the place is to run. A couple eager customers come in and start grabbing things to buy. Lucy and Ethel see this place as a goldmine.
Mrs Hansen wants $3,000 for the place, but Lucy tries to talk her down. She agrees to $1,500 and starts giving Lucy a guilt trip about how she's getting the shaft. They finally agree on the whole $3,000. Lucy and Ethel leave and Mrs Hansen thanks the customers for helping her sell the place by pretending to buy things.
Lucy and Ethel take over the shop and can't decide on a name, Ethel decides it should be a combination of their names, but neither is willing to let the other put her name first, Lucy says no to Ethelu's and Ethel nixes Lucyeth's.
Mrs Hansen returns and says Lucy's checked bounced, so Lucy has to run home and convince Ricky to say "The Check Is Good" over the phone without him finding out that they bought the shop. She tells him it's a child of a friend learning Spanish.
The shop isn't getting the business the girls thought and are happy when a man calls and offers them to buy it from them. Lucy thinks they'll get a better price by using the same scheme Mrs Hansen did by dressing up as a sick old woman. She leaves the store again and returns dressed as an old lady in a wheelchair. A cop offers his assistance to the store where they find a note from Ethel informing Lucy that she went to the bank to close the deal. Lucy is ired that Ethel thinks she could close a deal all by herself. She has a change of heart when Ethel returns and tells her she sold the place for $3,500, a $250 profit for each of them.
They're very proud of themselves and decided to show the boys their great business deal.
They sit at home waving the money around when the boys enter talking about the sale of Hansen's Dress Shop. The girls are proud of themselves until the boys tell them that someone sold the dress shop for $3,500 and the man who bought it turned around and sold it to a skyscraper developer for $50,000.

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