I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 1

The Girls Want To Go To a Nightclub

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 1951 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy and Ethel are washing dishes when Ethel mentions her upcoming anniversary to Fred. She really wants to go to a nightclub to celebrate. In order to get the boys to agree, they decide to act romantic toward them.

In the family room, Fred and Ricky are relaxing after dinner. To celebrate his anniversary, Fred wants to go to the boxing fights. They also plan to be nice to the girls to get them to agree.

Lucy and Ethel join them soon after. Both the men and the women try to be nicer than the other side. Slyly, Lucy mentions that Ethel wants to go to a nightclub for her anniversary, and Ricky mentions that Fred wants to go to the fights. Fighting ensues until Fred breaks it up. Lucy suggests a vote where the outcome is that the girls win because Lucy holds up both of her hands. Fred realizes the trick and the vote is off.

Fred decides that he's going to the fights with Ricky and assumes that the girls are going to stay home. Lucy mentioned they are going to go to the nightclub with dates. The boys leave.

At the Mertzes, Fred and Ricky worry about their wives and call Ginny Jones, a singer, to find them dates so they can keep an eye on their wives.

In their quest to find dates, Lucy goes through her address book calling old boyfriends. Desperate, she calls a friend, Ginny Jones, to find them dates. Ginny tells Lucy that Ricky and Fred just called also looking for dates. Lucy suggests that Ginny call them back saying that she found them dreamboats for dates, which the guys don't know are actually Lucy and Ethel.

Ricky and Fred anxiously await their dates because they are ready for two knockouts. When they open the door, Lucy and Ethel are there dressed as hillbillies. Ricky tries to get out of the date with no avail. The girls go after the boys like two love-starved girls. Ricky sings, hoping the girls will calm down.

The jig is up when Lucy knows that the cigarettes and matches are kept in the desk. Ricky tells Fred the truth in the kitchen. They decide to turn the tables on them, chasing them around the apartment. Feeling uncomfortable, the girls run to the door and the boys tell them the truth. As a truce, Ricky wants the girls to get all dressed up so they can celebrate the Mertzes anniversary. They do celebrate, ...at the fights.
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