I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 1

The Girls Want To Go To a Nightclub

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 1951 on CBS

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  • Not technically the first episode!

    Having just recently seen the final few Lucy episodes on television, I thought I'd watch the first few episodes again to compare and contrast the show in the beginning and in the end. This isn't technically the first episode filmed, but it was one of the first episodes filmed and it was the first to air.

    In this episode, that crazy red-head and her pal Ethel are cooking up a scheme (a vague description that could apply to a large portion of Lucy episodes). Ethel and Fred are to celebrate their anniversery. At least Ethel does. Fred has another way of putting it. The main conflict of the episode is that the girls want to go to a night club, while Ricky and Fred would prefer to go to the fights. You know how normal people discuss differences of opinion and try to reach a fair, rational solution? Well, these people are crazy and not about to try that. Lucy and Ethel decide they are going to a night club one way or another, even if it means finding dates. Ricky and Fred grow concerned, and decide to get their own dates (but just to keep their eyes on their wives....for the record, I'm not a poet). When the boys' dates arrive they are actually Lucy and Ethel in (not at all convincing) disguises.

    The main thing that struck me while watching this was that LUCY seemed like an even wackier show in the beginning, if that's even possible. The show, of course, would always be off-the-wall, but the characters seem a little less fully-realized at this early point. While it's a small complaint, it seems a little forced (even for an old sitcom) that the boys would not recognize Lucy and Ethel immediately. Of course, that doesn't really matter. The episode is still funny, though not by any means a series classic. Once the main four actors really got their characters down, the show became much sharper.
  • Fred and Ethel are celebrating their wedding anniversary, and they each want to do something different to celebrate; Fred wants to go to the fights, and Ethel wants to go to a night club. When Lucy and Ricky get involved, things really get interesting.

    "The Girls Want to Go to a Nightclub" is the first episode of "I Love Lucy" to air on television, though it was not the first to be filmed. This was thought to be a better debut episode, and it is certainly a fitting one. This episode introduces a theme that will show up again and again in future episodes of the show: Lucy and Ethel scheme together and try to outsmart their husbands. The final minutes of the episode, as Lucy and Ethel show up as nightmare "dates" for their husbands, are classic, and four stars show why they were so beloved by Americans in the 50's and today as well.