I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 24

The Gossip

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 1952 on CBS
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Ricky is disgusted by Lucy's obsession with gossiping about other people. According to Ricky, Lucy acts as if it is her "life's blood." Fred, too, is disturbed by Ethel's love of gossiping. The two girls then point out that both Ricky and Fred have been known to gossip, also. The boys then challenge the girls to a bet: They will see who can go without gossiping the longest, and the winners will receive breakfast in bed for a month. The bet commences, and everything is going fine until Ricky comes up with a plan to cheat so that he and Fred can win.moreless

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  • Can Lucy and Ethel keep out of gossiping for the longest.

    Ricky and Fred are getting tired of hearing Lucy and Ethel's gossiping.Lucy claims that both Ricky and Fred gossip also.Than an bet is made to see who doesn't gossip the longest.The two who gossip are the one that serve breakfast to the winner in bed.Ricky and Fred decided to cheat the bet by forcing Lucy and Ethel,to gossip.However in the end what their gossip came true.Making Ethel and Lucy win.However the girls got them back by paying their neighbor and the milkman to do it to make it looked as what Ricky and Fred gossip is real.

    Seriously this was really funny.That teaches Fred and Ricky not to try to win the bet.moreless
  • a funny episode

    This episode was so funny. I like it alot when Lucy makes a bet with Ricky that she won't gossip anymore. Then Lucy end u gossiping because Ricky tricked her. Alot of funny parts in this episode. Ricky pretends to talk in his sleep so Lucy can lose the bet and whoever wins the bet gets breakfast in bed for a month. A funny part in this episode was when Lucy tryed to make Ricky's rumor come true when Ricky tryed to make Lucy to lose the bed' It was funny when Lucy was acting the gossip with out talkingmoreless
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Bob Jellison


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Richard Reeves

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    • Lucy: She didn't! (pause) She didn't! (pause) She didn't! (pause) She couldn't!
      Ricky: Maybe that's why she didn't.

    • Ricky: How did it go with Ethel?
      Fred: If she flapped her ears anymore she would have taken off and circled the room.

    • Ricky: Lucy, remember the saying; birds of a feather smell the same.
      Lucy: You mean a rose by any other name flocks together.

    • Ricky: Lucy, why did you stop? Don't tell me you got tired taking Betty apart.
      Lucy: Who got tired? Marge had to hang up. Betty just walked in.

    • Lucy: Hey! If they weren't asleep, they were awake!
      Ethel: Well now, there's a monumental conclusion!

    • (Fred and Ricky are in the basement, talking through the furnace pipe)
      Fred: Ethel Meeertz!
      Ethel: Who's that?!
      Fred: You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
      Ethel: Who's that?
      Fred: This is your conscience. You have been gossiping.
      Lucy: Ethel, you have the loudest conscience I've ever heard.
      Ricky: Lucy Ricaaardo! This is your conscience. You've been gosp-ing too!
      Lucy: Oh, fine. My conscience has an accent!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Lucy refers to Ricky and Fred as Hedda and Lolly. Hedda Hopper and Louella "Lolly" Parsons were rival gossip columnists at the time. Hedda Hopper and Lucille Ball were very close friends in life with Hedda making a brief guest appearance in the season 4 episode "The Hedda Hopper Story".