I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 27

The "I Love Lucy" Christmas Episode

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 24, 1956 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • On December 23, 2015 CBS aired this episode, as well as the classic season one episode "Lucy Does a TV Commercial", as part of a one hour special.  Both episodes were colorized.  The Christmas episode has been shown colorized in the past but previous versions had only the present day sequences in color and the flashback sequences in black and white.  For this particular version, the entire episode, present day and flashback sequences, were colorized.

    • The colorized version of this episode is available on DVD.

  • Quotes

    • Lucy: "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle ALL the way." Ohh... I don't know what has happened to my voice lately. I don't seem to sing well anymore.
      Ricky: Lately?
      Ethel: Anymore?
      Lucy: Now that's not very nice. I grant you my voice isn't quite what it used to be.
      Ricky: It's exactly what it used to be. That's what is wrong with it.
      Lucy: Why do you say that? I used to sing quite well as I recall.
      Ricky: Well dear girl, then something is wrong with your memory.

  • Notes

    • This episode wasn't not sold into syndication with the rest of the series because CBS didn't think that the viewing audience would want to watch a holiday episode at other times of the year.

    • This is the first ever retrospective episode on a sitcom.

    • While not a part of CBS' syndication package, this episode can be found on the Season 6 DVD release, in the original black and white format and with the wraparound scenes colorized.

    • This episode was re-broadcast (colorized) December 18,1989 on CBS

    • TV Land aired this episode in its entirety in December 2002 - but in its original black-and-white format, not colorized as it is on most video versions.

    • Also known as 'The Lost Episode' or 'Jingle Bells'. Because this was a "special" and employed so many long flashback sequences, this episode was not included in the eventual syndication package. The last time even a portion of it was telecast was December 1981 on Rona Barrett's short-lived NBC series, "Television: Inside and Out." Today, most fans can find this episode available on video.

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