I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 26

The Marriage License

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 07, 1952 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy is cleaning out the desk when she finds a typo on her and Ricky's marriage license. She gets scared because of "how funny the laws are" and the possibility that they aren't legally married. She calls city hall to get an answer as to whether or not they are married. Because they need to see the typo she goes all the way downtown to get the issue resolved. Ricky thinks she's acting silly.

Fred comes over for a chat. He mentions he has a friend at the license bureau. As a trick Ricky suggests that Fred's friend tells Lucy that the license is no longer valid because of the typo.

Ricky paces, lighting cigarettes and watching the clock. The Mertzes come over worried since it's nine at night and Lucy still isn't home yet. When she does finally come home she's grief stricken. After she got the news she just kept walking because she didn't know what else to do. Ricky doesn't get a chance to tell her that the whole thing was a joke because Lucy is busy planning their re-wedding. She wants it to be exactly like the first time. Lucy stays with Ethel because her and Ricky aren't married. Ricky gets miffed at Fred for starting this whole situation.

Lucy and Ricky head for the spot of their engagement. They don't fit comfortably together on the bench between two trees. Lucy wants him to be romantic and propose but Ricky is more concerned with eating their picnic lunch. When he prepares to propose he stops joking that he is having second thoughts. Lucy gets angry leaving him there. Ricky chases after her.

When the car runs out of gas they are stranded at The Eagle Hotel. The town is out of gas with the tanker not coming until tomorrow. Since Ricky doesn't have his wallet (the first time they married he left it at home) Lucy needs to pay for everything. They meet Bert Willoughby and his wife who own everything in town. Because they aren't married they are in separate rooms. Lucy won't pay for his room so he is stuck in the lobby. He tries to explain the whole story but no one is laughing or believing the story.

The next morning Lucy wakes up. She kicks Ricky's foot to wake him up. He slept in a chair in the lobby. The car is not full of gas but Lucy won't pay for the gas because Ricky won't marry her. Mr. Willoughby intervenes offering to not charge for their marriage ceremony. Ricky finally gets to propose with Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby looking on. While Mrs. Willoughby fills out the marriage license Lucy goes upstairs. She comes down in her wedding dress.

After their wedding Mr. Willoughby tries to arrest them for overdue parking because they don't have anymore money to pay the fine. Mrs. Willoughby let them go because she's the mayor and can overrule her husband, the sheriff.