I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 23

The Moustache

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 1952 on CBS

Episode Recap

When the Ricardos are preparing to go on the town with the Mertzes, Lucy notices Ricky's hairy upper lip. She comments that she doesn't like the way that he looks with a moustache and that she wishes that he would shave it off. The conclude that when the Mertzes get there they are going to let them decide what do to with the moustache. But when they do arrive the Mertzes agree that Ricky looks very handsome with a moustache. . Ricky mentions that he has a very good reason for growing the moustache--he's auditioning to star in a movie called "Moon Over Baghdad." After they hear about the talent scout the Mertzes want Ricky to mention how talented they are in hopes that they might have a career in movies. Lucy refuses to be seen in public with Ricky until he shaves off the moustache but he refuses. Lucy stays home while Ethel keeps her company. After hearing about Ethel's grandfather got his moustache ripped off Lucy gets the idea that she'll wear a moustache too until Ricky shaves his off.

The Mertzes bring Lucy a fake wooly white moustache with a beard attached that she can wear. Using spirit gum fred attaches the beard to Lucy's face. She mentions that it stings and smells awful.

When Ricky comes home he is shocked to see Lucy and her fake whiskers. He immediately wants her shave but she tells him the terms of the agreement. She's not shaving until he shaves. Eventually Ricky can't take it anymore and shaves off his moustache. Lucy tries to take off the beard but it won't come off. No matter how much she tugs it just won't budge. For help she calls Fred for advice. Ricky brings her the bottle of spirit gum that Fred used from the vanity. But it is really Bulldog Cement and it can't be removed without Bulldog Cement Remover #3! When Ricky hears this he can't help but laugh. Quickily he calls the drugstore only to find out that Bulldog Cement Remover #3 is no longer made. Lucy doesn't know what she's going to do. Ricky suggests that she get a job as the bearded lady in the circus.

The next day Ethel comes over looking for Lucy. But when Lucy arrives home Ethel doesn't recognize her. In order to stop getting comments and being looked at Lucy dresses like a Southern gentleman in a suit and a hat and even included an accent just for effect. Both of them try to come up with ideas to get the beard off but they are all too dangerous. Fred come over waving a white flag of surrender but he brings good news. After calling all over he finally found a bottle of Bulldog Cement Remover #3. The bad news is that it is coming by air mail from Chicago so it won't arrive until tomorrow. Ricky calls with the news that the talent scout is coming over to the apartment tonight. The talent scout is leaving tomorrow and this is the only time that Ricky can meet with him. The Mertzes leave to get ready while Lucy starts cutting the beard off her face.

That night Ricky brings Mr. Murdoch, the talent scout over to the apartment. Ricky shows him some news clipping and reviews in a scrapbook but are interrupted by the Mertzes. Fred is performing gags with a snake hand puppet while Ethel dances with a record player strapped to her back. But Mr. Murdoch says no. Ricky starts singing yet Mr. Murdoch is impressed. Lucy secretly changes records and starts dancing in a full bell dancing costume with veil covering her face. Mr. Murdoch is very impressed with Lucy but before giving her a jov wants to see her face. She refuses but equickly things escalate to a chase with Ricky eventually grabbing her foot while she tries to leap over the couch. Ricky unveils what's left of the beard which shocks Mr. Murdoch and he leaves.

The next day, Lucy, now whisker free, is happy when a letter arrives for Ricky saying that the agent wants him to audition for the lead in his movie. Her happy mood doesn't last long though as the offer for Lucy to be in the movie, would be playing Ricky's father.

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