I Love Lucy

Season 4 Episode 5

The Mr. and Mrs. TV Show

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 1955 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Mr. and Mrs. TV Show

Ricky is initially reluctant to host a new TV show when he learns that the sponsor prefers a husband-and-wife format. Nonetheless, he agrees to do the show, but when Lucy learns that he hadn't wanted her in the show at all, she decides to get even by sabotaging the "Breakfast with Lucy and Ricky" dress rehearsal. What Lucy doesn't know is that the so-called rehearsal is actually being broadcast to the entire city of New York in an effort to achieve an unrehearsed, spontaneous look.


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  • Reality TV? Not for Lucy!

    Most people would say that either the "Candy Factory" or the "Vitameatavegamin" episodes were Lucy's best. But i say that this episode happens to be very funny if i may say so.

    In this I Love Lucy episode, Lucy let slip that she met an advertising exec at a fancy club at lunch to discuss a planned TV show for a major client he has lined up. Soon after, the exec tells Ricky to either make the show "a Mr. & Mrs. show or nothing", he then agrees to let Lucy (as well as the Mertzes) be a part of the show.

    However, after rehearsal for the show the advertiser's right-hand man mentioned that the whole idea was his boss' & not Ricky's. Soon after, Lucy decides to put her own hilarious "spin" on the show, but unknown to her, Ricky arranged the actual show to go on the air under the notion that it was a dress rehearsal.

    The way Lucy finishes off the episode has to be 1 of her funniest moments in the show's illustrious history!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • During the recording of this episode Lucy made a mistake. Rather than saying "He has a sponsor who's looking for a show", she said "He has a show looking for a sponsor." In postproduction Lucy re-recorded the lines, but you can still tell her lips don't move correctly.

    • Lee Millar, who played "Mr. Taylor" was the son of Verna Felton, who played Lucy's maid, "Mrs. Porter" in the episode "Lucy Hires a Maid", and as the frowsy housewife to whom Lucy attempts to sell a "Handy-Dandy Vacuum Cleaner" in the episode "Sales Resistance."

    • During rehearsals, the scene where Lucy tells Ethel that her dress will make her look like a test pattern, Lucy said it so mean that Vivian Vance broke character, started crying, and had to be calmed down.

    • William Frawley flubbed the words for the Phipps song, but Vivian Vance covered for him.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • (after Lucy tells Ethel that she won't do the show)
      Ethel: But this is your big chance! Are you gonna muff it?
      Lucy: You can call me Little Miss Muff-it!

    • Lucy: Mr. Cromwell just happened to mention that his agency was looking for a new TV personality to build a whole show around. So, naturally, I brought up Ricky's name.
      Ethel: Naturally.
      Lucy: I was very subtle.
      Ethel: Oh, I can imagine. Like a garlic sandwich.

    • Lucy: Phipps is a great big bunch of gyps.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Music performed on this episode included "Sweet Sue".

    • This episode was initially supposed to air on November 1, 1954, but was pre-empted. It eventually aired, out of sequence, on April 11, 1955. It was pre-empted for pre-election coverage, and non-CBS stations that carried I Love Lucy did air this episode on the November 1 airdate. When CBS finally aired the episode six months later, the Ricardos were in California, making this episode, which takes place in the New York apartment, very out of sequence. This problem was solved with a special new scene in the California hotel room that presents this episode as a flashback, much like the episodes that were aired during Lucy's maternity leave in the Second Season. On the other non-CBS stations that had aired the episode in November, a repeat of "Ricky Loses His Voice" was aired with a similar new "flashback" scene at the beginning.