I Love Lucy

Season 2 Episode 3

The Operetta

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 1952 on CBS

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  • The Operetta - A Laugh Riot

    "The Operetta" is my favorite I Love Lucy episode. It is a laugh riot. I've watched it over and over. It has many interesting extras, such as Desi singing a romantic song beautifully, and Vivian Vance playing a beautiful princess and singing beautifully, and Lucy plays a hilarious snaggle-toothed old witch. And the end is too, too much! You'll about die laughing! The comic timing is superb and the bit players are very funny, too. Don't miss this, and pass this episode on to younger people who have never seen I Love Lucy before! I love it! I love it!
  • Lucy has spent the budget of the theatre group's budget covering holes in her household budget, she post dates check to costume rental company and writes her own "operetta" with hysterically funny lyrics. In mid show the rental company reposess the props

    Personally, I loved this episode. Lucy post dates the check and then writes her own operetta whose songs are hillarious. Lucy once again plays a snaggle tooth character, the tone deaf "queen of the gypsies". At the end the company that rented the theatre group the props come back and take all the costumes and props mid-performance.

    Even as a child, I always wondered why the collection people took the props in the middle of the show, practically guaranteeing that they would not get paid. Why didn't they ask for all the box office money instead, or wait until the show was over. By taking the cstumes/props in the middle of the show, they guaranteed that the audiance would ask for their money back and the group wouldn't be able to pay the bill.

    Of course it works out funnier that way, as Ricki gets de-pantsed onstage!
  • My personal favorite of all the episodes.

    This may be the best written episode of the whole series. The Lucy writers were no slouches, but they really outdid themselves with this musical. Unlike a few episodes, nothing seems contrived here. This is exactly the kind of opera that Lucy would write and the climax is a scream with just a minimal of set up needed. The songs are so outrageous and cleaverly written that they're funny all by themselves. Then, add the fact that the show is tailored to the talents of each of the cast members, and it's a classic. Fred gets to croak out a tune about the "Inn on the River Out", Ricky is suave, Lucy gives one of her funniest performances (a lisping, toothless witch is money in the bank)--and Ethel really shines. Who knew she could hit those notes?
  • Lucy Episode

    When Lucy club has no money to produce a play they do it them selves and when the check is written with a post date the club finds them self in ruins because the rental company has come for the stuff the can not pay for which is every thing for the set to the costumes and the do it mid show over all a great and funny episode of I love Lucy and the last seen made me laugh so hard I was crying this is a great fun episode to watch again and again my rating is 9.4. end
  • Ethel and Lucy create their own play.

    At the last meeting the girls plans to have an operetta.However Lucy is treasury suppose to know how much they have left in the treasury.She claim she wrote and check and left it there.Than Lucy and Ethel starts planning to do their own play.As Ricky practice,Ethel points out that Lucy is singing few bad notes during the songs.But she decided that the cast will sing whenever Lucy opens her mouth.During the play whenever Lucy opens her mouth the other sings.Also it is learned that the check was bouced so everything was being removed.But it was funny when everyone start to sing when Lucy start to sing.I was laughing my head off this.
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