I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 31

The Publicity Agent

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 12, 1952 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ricky is depressed because he isn't popular or exciting anymore. He wants to be in the newspapers. Lucy overhears Ricky tell his agent that he's unhappy and that he's not earning his $50 a week. Lucy then suggests that she be Ricky's press agent. But Ricky disagrees and doesn't want her help.

Lucy ignores Ricky and the next morning spends time estimating the value of jewelry as a possible publicity story but her collection only amounts to $43. Ethel suggests Ricky win Miss America. Lucy uses a newspaper article about a price who has a standing order for all of Benny Goodman's records as an idea. Together they invent the country of Franistan and the Maharincess who is going to come to America just to hear Ricky sing. The girls call the newspapers telling them of the news. They are sure that Ricky is going to get into the papers this way.

Fred comes to the club to see Ricky and tell him about the story in the papers. Ricky doesn't believe it is real. He thinks that his press agent put it in the paper. But when his press agent calls mentioning that he didn't put the story in the paper Ricky suddenly believes it.

Everyone is ready for the arrival of the Maharincess. Ricky looks very dapper in a tuxedo with the press nearby. It is going to be a command performance. In ornate costumes and make up Ethel and Lucy enter. When Ricky starts singing Lucy starts fainting. This behavior concerns Ricky but Lucy urges him to go on. Ethel revives her with smelling salts.

Back at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Lucy is happy it's over, "If I'd have had to faint one more time, I'd have fainted! 25 numbers and every other one was Babalu." As they prepare to leave there is a knock at the door. A member of Franistan's secret police is there warning about danger. Lucy tries to explain the gag but the soldier doesn't believe her. Two armed men come in and kill the secret service man. They keep mentioning someone named the Tiger who will torture Lucy if she doesn't tell the secrets. Lucy tries to tell them that she's not the maharincess, in fact she's a Henna Rinse-ess. Shortly after the Tiger arrives. He whips his men and prepares to kill Lucy. he holds a knife ready to stab Lucy when he reveals himself--it's Ricky! The secret service man was Fred and the other soldiers were Mr. Foster and Joe. Lucy pretends that she wasn't scared but she soon faints.