I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 5

The Quiz Show

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 1951 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • This is the first of Frank Nelson's eleven guest appearances. In this episode he plays Freddy Fillmore. Nelson will play Fillmore two more times (once later in season 1, and the second time in season 3). The other characters he plays are a waiter and police sergeant in season 2, Dickie Davis in season 3, Ben Benjamin in season 4, a train conductor and customs officer in season 5, and Ralph Ramsey in season 6.

    • This episode first reran on October 20, 1952. As he planned out the second season, Jess Oppenheimer knew Lucille could not film enough episodes in advance to use during her maternity leave. Finally realizing that the shows were on film, allowing for rebroadcast, he reran several of the first season episodes to use throughout Lucille's pregnancy. It was from this show that the idea of television show reruns originated.

    • Notice that when Harold the Bum leaves the Ricardo apartment he still has some of their possessions in his pockets due to the bulges that aren't there when he walked in.

    • Lucille Ball takes off her false eyelashes before being sprayed with seltzer.

  • Quotes

    • Freddie Filmore: Oh no, now that time I didn't squirt you because the last line had nothing to do with water. Now do you get the idea of our little game?
      Lucy: Yes, I see.
      Freddie Filmore: (squirting Lucy) Sea!
      Lucy: Listen, I've got a notion--
      Freddie Filmore: (squirting Lucy again) Ocean!

    • Ethel: I'm on my way to a radio show and I got two tickets. Why don't you come with me? It'll take your mind off your troubles.
      Lucy: No.
      Ethel: Come on, it's the Freddie Filmore show! You know, the one that's called "Females are Fabulous?"
      Lucy: I just came from a show called "Husbands are Horrible."

    • Lucy: Ricky, I want you to meet my second first husband.

    • Ricky: How old were you when you got married?
      Lucy: I was very young.
      Ricky: Yeah, as a matter of fact how old are you now?
      Lucy: (thinks) Sixty-five.
      Ricky: What do you think I'm a dope or somethin', you couldn't possibly be sixty-five.
      Lucy: I couldn't?
      Ricky: Of course not. Look at you. Fifty-five, yes, but not sixty-five.

    • Lucy: It's really nothing dear.
      Lucy: it's just that a long time ago, before I met you I was friends with...
      Ricky: You were not friends; you were married.
      Lucy: Yeah, just a little bit.
      Ricky: A little bit?!?
      Lucy: Alright, I was married to Sam.
      Harold: Harold.
      Lucy: Harold.
      Harold: Sam.

    • Harold: it's good to see you too. I, uh, ... (sees Ricky) I beg your pardon. (Heads for door)

    • (After finding out what her task is on Females are Fabulous)
      Lucy: How 'bout letting me go over Niagara Falls in a paper bag?

    • Freddie Filmore: Welcome to another segment of Females are Fabulous, our very outstanding program based on the theory that any woman is willing to make an idiot of herself in order to win a prize.

    • Ricky: What month bills are you paying?
      Lucy: Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to ride... (trails off)

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