I Love Lucy

Season 2 Episode 26

The Ricardos Change Apartments

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 18, 1953 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ethel and Fred are afraid that the Bensons, the tenants upstairs, are going to move because their daughter got married. Of course, Lucy takes this as a cue to lobby for the Ricardos to move into that apartment since it is bigger and has a second bedroom which would be perfect for the baby. Ricky refuses when he finds out that the rent is $20 more a month.

Lucy and Ethel decide that they must first convince Mrs Benson that it'd be in her best interests to switch apartments. The lady is hesitant at first but warms to the idea of saving $20 a month.

The girls then go to work on Ricky. Instead of Lucy packing everything away like she has been, she hauls everything out in the open and even buys a bunch more baby things to clutter up their apartment. This irks Ricky, but he's standing his ground.

The girls take it upon themselves to move anyway because Lucy says she'll make up the difference in rent herself out of her allowance.

Lucy, Ethel and Fred spend all afternoon switching furnishings in the apartments then decide to treat themselves with a malt. They're shocked when they return and find that everything has been switched back.

Ricky arrives and tells them that he'd felt sorry for Lucy and called moving men to switch apartments.