I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 26

The Ricardos Dedicate a Statue

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 06, 1957 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Lucy joins a community effort to establish a Revolutionary War monument. She manages to shatter any dreams she may have had of becoming a community leader when the statue is broken. Her efforts to undo the damage put her in a unique position when the time comes to unveil the statue.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Lucy joins acommunity effort to eatablish a Revalution ary war monument. Lucy's going to Dedicate a statue for the historical society. Fred the dog has been bad. Ricky thinks it's time for Fred the dog to live in a dog house out side. Lucy puts him outmoreless

    side. Lucy goes out side later and can't find Fred.Lucy, Ethel,Fred look for Fred the dog. Lucy gets in the car to find Fred. She runs over the statue.Lucy calls ask for a new statue. They can't have a statue built in time.Ethel and Fred can't find Fred the dog any where in the house.Lucy decides to be the statue her self.At the historical society,Fred finds Fred the dog.Fred says he found him sitting on the steps at the obedience school.When it's time to show the statue lucy's the statue.This is last 30 minute Episode of I Love Lucy.Funny Episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Ricky threatens to take Fred the Dog "back to the pound where we got him". The Ricardos didn't get Fred at a pound, Little Ricky got him from a friend whose dog just had puppies in the episode "Little Ricky Gets A Dog".

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Lucy: Now what were you saying?
      Ricky: I was saying that if he's not smart enough to mind, he can stay in the dog house.
      Lucy: You're mean!
      Ricky: Since when is [it] mean for a dog to stay in his dog house?
      Lucy: When the dog doesn't like the dog house. He's not happy out there.
      Ricky: Why shouldn't he be happy out there? It's a beautiful dog house. It's very roomy, it's brand new, it doesn't have a mortgage, it doesn't have a wife to nag him.

    • Ricky: What can he do?
      Lucy: He can do lots of things. He can sit up, he can speak, he can roll over. I'll show you later.
      Ricky: Well, show me now.
      Lucy: No, I haven't got time now, honey. I gotta get this luncheon going.
      Ricky: Listen, I paid 30 bucks for this character to go to that school. I wanna see what he learned.
      Lucy: I don't want to show you right now. I will show you later!
      Ricky: Apparently, the wrong one went to obedience school.
      Lucy: (to Fred the dog) Oh, all right. Show what you learned to Señor Simon Legree!

    • Ricky: (to Fred the dog) Well, Fred. Now let's see if you really graduated. I want you to take this diploma--take it over to Little Ricky upstairs and show it to him, then after you do that, I want you to take the diploma over to the guest house and show it to Aunt Ethel and Uncle Fred.
      Lucy: Oh, for heaven's sake, Ricky! He can't do all that!
      Ricky: Well you just told me he graduated from obedience school.
      Lucy: Well, he's learned obedience, but he's not ready for the Ed Sullivan Show.

    • Lucy: Why do I want another one? Why? Why-why, Ethel?
      Ethel: (coaching Lucy) Why do we want two of 'em? Oh well, uh, uh, Westport is growing and may become twin cities like St. Paul and Minneapolis.
      Lucy: Yeah. Well, you know, Mr. Silvestri, Westport is growing so, it just might become twin cities like St. Apolis and Minnie Paul! Uh, Minneapolis and St. Paul!

    • Ricky: I thought you were taking him to obedience school?
      Lucy: I have been.
      Ricky: Well, then how come he hasn't learned how to obedience?

    • Ricky: Where's Fred?
      Little Ricky: In the den, Daddy, sleeping in the chair.
      Ricky In the den, sleeping in my chair. You know, that dog uses my favorite chair more than I do.
      Lucy: Well, he likes to be comfortable like anyone else.
      Ricky: Why doesn't he go out and buy his own izzy share [easy chair]?
      Lucy: (mocking Ricky's English) He's not gonna hurt your old "izzy share."

    • Lucy: Did you and Fred try on your costumes yet?
      Ethel: Oh, mine's just fine. Fred's grumbling about his, as usual.
      Lucy: (panicking) He's going to wear it, isn't he?
      Ethel: Yeah, I think he is. When I left this morning, Fred was standing in front of a mirror trying on his powdered wig. It was a proud sight. It's the first time in twenty years Fred's been able to brush his hair.

    • Lucy: (to Fred over the intercom) Is Ethel there?
      Fred: No.
      Lucy: Well, where is she?
      Fred: How should I know?
      Lucy: Well, she's your wife.
      Fred: Well, did you wake me up just to rub it in?

    • Little Ricky: Mommy, Mommy! Fred ran away!
      Ethel: Which Fred?
      Little Ricky: My dog!
      Ethel: Aw, nuts.

    • Ethel: (to Lucy) If you think you have an idea YOU think is too wild, then I don't want to hear it!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Desilu hired Silverstri Studios to make the statue for the episode.

    • This was the last episode of "I Love Lucy" to air, before it metamorphosed into a series of hour-long specials known as "The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour." "I Love Lucy" ended its run while #1 in the ratings.

    • It has been said that the Arnazes' daughter Lucie appears in the episode. She doesn't show up in the episode, although Desi Arnaz, Jr. and Lucie's childhood playmate do.