I Love Lucy

Season 6 Episode 26

The Ricardos Dedicate a Statue

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 06, 1957 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Ricky threatens to take Fred the Dog "back to the pound where we got him". The Ricardos didn't get Fred at a pound, Little Ricky got him from a friend whose dog just had puppies in the episode "Little Ricky Gets A Dog".

  • Quotes

    • Lucy: Now what were you saying?
      Ricky: I was saying that if he's not smart enough to mind, he can stay in the dog house.
      Lucy: You're mean!
      Ricky: Since when is [it] mean for a dog to stay in his dog house?
      Lucy: When the dog doesn't like the dog house. He's not happy out there.
      Ricky: Why shouldn't he be happy out there? It's a beautiful dog house. It's very roomy, it's brand new, it doesn't have a mortgage, it doesn't have a wife to nag him.

    • Ricky: What can he do?
      Lucy: He can do lots of things. He can sit up, he can speak, he can roll over. I'll show you later.
      Ricky: Well, show me now.
      Lucy: No, I haven't got time now, honey. I gotta get this luncheon going.
      Ricky: Listen, I paid 30 bucks for this character to go to that school. I wanna see what he learned.
      Lucy: I don't want to show you right now. I will show you later!
      Ricky: Apparently, the wrong one went to obedience school.
      Lucy: (to Fred the dog) Oh, all right. Show what you learned to Señor Simon Legree!

    • Ricky: (to Fred the dog) Well, Fred. Now let's see if you really graduated. I want you to take this diploma--take it over to Little Ricky upstairs and show it to him, then after you do that, I want you to take the diploma over to the guest house and show it to Aunt Ethel and Uncle Fred.
      Lucy: Oh, for heaven's sake, Ricky! He can't do all that!
      Ricky: Well you just told me he graduated from obedience school.
      Lucy: Well, he's learned obedience, but he's not ready for the Ed Sullivan Show.

    • Lucy: Why do I want another one? Why? Why-why, Ethel?
      Ethel: (coaching Lucy) Why do we want two of 'em? Oh well, uh, uh, Westport is growing and may become twin cities like St. Paul and Minneapolis.
      Lucy: Yeah. Well, you know, Mr. Silvestri, Westport is growing so, it just might become twin cities like St. Apolis and Minnie Paul! Uh, Minneapolis and St. Paul!

    • Ricky: I thought you were taking him to obedience school?
      Lucy: I have been.
      Ricky: Well, then how come he hasn't learned how to obedience?

    • Ricky: Where's Fred?
      Little Ricky: In the den, Daddy, sleeping in the chair.
      Ricky In the den, sleeping in my chair. You know, that dog uses my favorite chair more than I do.
      Lucy: Well, he likes to be comfortable like anyone else.
      Ricky: Why doesn't he go out and buy his own izzy share [easy chair]?
      Lucy: (mocking Ricky's English) He's not gonna hurt your old "izzy share."

    • Lucy: Did you and Fred try on your costumes yet?
      Ethel: Oh, mine's just fine. Fred's grumbling about his, as usual.
      Lucy: (panicking) He's going to wear it, isn't he?
      Ethel: Yeah, I think he is. When I left this morning, Fred was standing in front of a mirror trying on his powdered wig. It was a proud sight. It's the first time in twenty years Fred's been able to brush his hair.

    • Lucy: (to Fred over the intercom) Is Ethel there?
      Fred: No.
      Lucy: Well, where is she?
      Fred: How should I know?
      Lucy: Well, she's your wife.
      Fred: Well, did you wake me up just to rub it in?

    • Little Ricky: Mommy, Mommy! Fred ran away!
      Ethel: Which Fred?
      Little Ricky: My dog!
      Ethel: Aw, nuts.

    • Ethel: (to Lucy) If you think you have an idea YOU think is too wild, then I don't want to hear it!

  • Notes

    • Desilu hired Silverstri Studios to make the statue for the episode.

    • This was the last episode of "I Love Lucy" to air, before it metamorphosed into a series of hour-long specials known as "The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour." "I Love Lucy" ended its run while #1 in the ratings.

    • It has been said that the Arnazes' daughter Lucie appears in the episode. She doesn't show up in the episode, although Desi Arnaz, Jr. and Lucie's childhood playmate do.

  • Allusions

    • Silvestri: The name of the fictional statue maker was in fact the name of the actual company who made the minuteman statue.

    • Señor Simon Legree: Simon Legree was the villanous and cruel slave owner in Harriet Beecher Stowe's book Uncle Tom's Cabin.