I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 7

The Séance

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 26, 1951 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lucy is fascinated by a book on numerology, but Ricky thinks it's silly. Hoping to prove that numerology is silly he makes a bet that if a woman comes to give Lucy money, he will pay her $10, but if this doesn't occur, she has to give up numerology. Ethel comes over to repay Lucy some money she borrowed yesterday. Lucy wins the bet.

On his way out the door, he tells Lucy to agree to a haircut when his barber calls. After checking the horoscopes, Lucy tells Ricky that he can agree to anything that day. Ethel goes to read her horoscope only to find out that Lucy was reading from the wrong day's newspaper. The correct newspaper says that it's a bad day for Ricky and he shouldn't agree to anything. The phone rings, and without even asking who is on the other end, she tells the person no. Ricky returns because he remembered that he needed to wait for a very important phone call from a Broadway producer, Mr. Meriweather, but Lucy said no to Mr. Meriweather because she thought it was the barber calling.

In his office, Mr. Meriweather is trying to contact Tillie on the Ouija board. Lucy tries to explain what happened earlier that day, but Mr. Meriweather interrupts her to say that his horoscope told him not to conduct any business after noon. They also share an interest in numerology. Ricky can't believe this luck. He mentions that he's looking for a séance so that he can contact Tillie. Lucy volunteers, saying they are having a séance at their apartment, and invites him over.

Ethel is the medium. While the boys are in the kitchen, Lucy tells Ethel of her plan to be the voice of Tillie Meriweather. In the kitchen, Ricky asks Fred if he will be the voice of Mrs. Meriweather. Fred fakes a headache so he can leave. As soon as Mr. Meriweather arrives, the séance starts. Lucy sneaks out of the circle to be Tillie while Ricky stomps his foot on the ground to signal Fred. Lucy performs as Tillie, thereby making Mr. Meriweather very happy. He then mentions that he wants to contact Mrs. Meriweather. Both Lucy and Ethel are confused, and while Lucy prepares to come up with another voice, Fred starts as Mrs. Meriweather.

When the séance is over, Ricky walks Mr. Meriweather to the street leaving Lucy, Ethel, and Fred looking for the spirits they contacted. Deep in thought, they are scared when Ricky joyfully shouts during his return. He shares the great news that Mr. Meriweather is going to star him in one of his next shows. Lucy confesses to being the voice of Tillie but claims that the other voice was real. Fred then confesses that he was the voice of Mrs. Meriweather and thought the first voice was real, but everyone wants to know who Tillie was if she wasn't Mrs. Meriweather. Tillie was Mr. Meriweather's Cocker Spaniel!
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