I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 7

The Séance

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 26, 1951 on CBS

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  • i loved this eposide really funnny

    i loved this eposide when in the moring she said my pom is iching u now what that means then ricky says u di not take a shower she said no it means thta woman is going to give me money the ricky says if a woman comes and gives u money then i will give u $5.00 but if she does not come then she has to not belive in any of that noctce but hten efel comes throw the door then lucy said she is a woman the ricky says i guss so then efel says well thanks then effel gives lucky a dollar then ricky gives lucy the money.that was so funny. Then lucy says that ricky shuld not have an apponmet becasue of his horrscope but thne she realize that it was not the baber and it was mr.tilieweather so then she goes doen to the office where mr.tillieweather is and says thta he can not discuss biissness after 12:00pm today then ricky says o great. then sheshe asks him wat number mr.tillie is a=and says iam a 5 then lucy says iam 3 that was really funyy then ricky is like good aanother one in his mind he was thinking that .then lucy makes up thta she nows a person htat could wege board then mr.tillie wants to reach someone.

    then at lucy house efel comes all dressed up then lucy says that mr.tilile should reach who he wanted reackh then she said that i will bee behind the chair then ricky does the same thing but uses fred then fred fakes a big headach so he could come back later so then ricky stomps his feet so fred can come but he does not ocme till later then lucy starts tlaking like the spirt then when fred comes and hears that lucy is talking he thinks its a real spook then lucy hears fred talk and then she thinks that fred is a ghost so then when mr.tillie leaves ricky goes with him lucy says that efel contactted the dead then they are freaking out then fred tells ricky the other vocie was not him that it was a real ghost the lucy tells ricky she did the vocie then they wer both realived that it was ghost then ricky says he is going to be in show .thats all for now bliar xoxo