I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 7

The Séance

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 26, 1951 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Lucy Ricardo's astrological sign in this episode is revealed to be Taurus (meaning her birthday would be sometime between April 20th and May 20th) however in a later episode she reveals her birthday to be August 6th (Lucille Ball's real birthday) so she can't be a Taurus.

    • Jay Novello (Mr. Merriweather) played the same type of character in the My Favorite Husband episode "Numerology".

    • Lucy Ricardo's astrological sign is revealed to be Taurus when in reality Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance are both under the sign on Leo.

    • When Mr. Merriweather answers the phone in his office, you can see the shadow of the microphone on the wall

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Merriweather: I'm a Scorpio.
      Lucy: I'm a Taurus.
      Ricky: I'm cooked.

    • Lucy: Ethel, I think you underestimated your transmitter!

    • Ethel: My trance is wearing off. You better hang up now.

    • Mr. Merriwether: Is that you, dear?
      Fred: Yes, darling.
      Mr. Merriwether: Darling? That doesn't sound like Adeleide.
      Fred: Shut up, you worm!
      Mr. Merriwether: That's Adeleide.

    • Lucy: Ow! I mean ow.
      Mr. Merriwether: What's the matter?
      Lucy: I burned myself. It's very hot here.
      Mr. Merriwehter: Oh that's where you are!

    • Mr. Merriwether: Tilly, that sneeze. Are you sick?
      Lucy: Sick? I'm dead.

    • Lucy: Mr. Merriwether, I'd like to present Madame Mertzola. She's going to be our medium tonight. She's psychopathic.

    • Ethel: Fred, is something wrong?
      Fred: It's my head.
      Ethel: Oh, aren't we going to have fun at this seance?
      Lucy: I guess so.
      Ricky: You look seriously ill to me, Fred.
      Ethel: Oh, if it's his head, he's all right there's nothing there to hurt.

    • (Introducing Ethel as the medium)
      Fred: Introducing Raya, the medium. Well done, medium Raya.

    • Lucy: Well, you never can tell. Before the evening is over we may see a spook.
      Ricky: Don't tell me you invited your mother.

    • Ricky: You're going to down there on your knees.
      Lucy: Oh, won't we get there faster if we take a cab?

    • Lucy: Now go on. You feel free to say yes to everything today, no matter what it is.
      Ricky: Oh, boy will I.

    • Lucy: Why do you have that idiotic smile on your face?
      Ricky: I was just thinking of a perfect 16 I used to know.

    • (Lucy tries to find Ricky's perfect name.)
      Lucy: That's the perfect name. Uh oh.
      Ricky: What is it?
      Lucy: Genevieve.
      Ricky: That'd be interesting. Of course, you'd have to buy towels marked hers and hers.

    • Lucy: Maybe if you're something besides 5 it will help our vibrations.
      Ricky: Lucy!
      Lucy: What?
      Ricky: Dun't you like the way I vibrate?

    • Mr. Merriweather: Oh, you study numerology?
      Lucy: Of course.
      Mr. Merriweather: I'm a 1.
      Lucy: I'm a 3.
      Ricky: I'm a 5.
      Mr. Merriweather: We're all odd, aren't we?

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