I Love Lucy

Season 4 Episode 25

The Star Upstairs

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 1955 on CBS

Episode Recap

According to Lucy's calculations, they've seen 99 movie stars since they've been in Hollywood. They read an article in the paper about an unnamed movie star hiding out in one of the hotels which name starts with Beverly, but there are a few of those in Beverly Hills.

She's decided that it has to be their hotel. Bobby, the bellboy comes to the room and she grills him for information, but he refuses to talk. She presses him until he accidentally blurts out everything. Cornel Wilde is in the penthouse! This is Lucy's golden opportunity to see her 100th movie star.

Later, she calls Bobby up and demands that he let her go with him to see Cornel Wilde or she'll rat him out and tell everyone that he's the one who let everyone know Cornel Wilde was there.

Lucy goes up to the star's room to deliver his paper, but he's in the tub. She is too afraid to go into the washroom so she tosses the paper to him and hear it spash into the tub. She makes a fast exit.

Later she sees Bobby delivering a lunch, it's got to be for Cornel Wilde so she makes him take her along. She hides under the table cloth of the food cart and is wheeled into the room. Bobby serves lunch and tries to leave, but Lucy keeps stopping the cart. She mistakenly makes noise and Cornel thinks that it's Bobby trying to audition a ventriloquist act so he makes him do it again. Lucy keeps talking from beneath the food cart and Cornel is wild because he thinks Bobby is the best ventriloquist he's ever heard. Finally, Bobby gets the cart to move without any resistance from Lucy. Cornel asks him to do the voice one last time so Bobby stands there waiting but this time the voice comes from behind the sofa.

Lucy is now in Cornel Wilde's room. He lays down to read and she makes her way out to the patio. Cornel then gets up and locks the patio and lays down to nap.

Lucy is stuck and calls down to her room when she hears Ethel. She needs help getting down and asks Ethel to put a scissor on the end of a pole to hand to her. Ethel declares that she should be used to this kind of thing by now.

Lucy gets the scissors and cuts up a beach towel and ties the strips together to make a rope. She's going to lower herself down and Ethel is to grab her when she goes by. She ties the rope to her and the other end to a huge potted plant. Just as she's over the edge, Ricky enters the Ricardo's room. Ethel says she doesn't know where Lucy is. Ethel does her best to keep Ricky occupied while Lucy is dangling in front of the balcony. Suddenly the rope comes loose of the potted plant where it was anchored and Lucy goes flying past the Ricardos balcony. Ethel panics and runs out to find Lucy.

Ricky gets a call, it's Cornel Wilde and he asks Ricky to join him to play cards. When he's up there he asks if he can bring Lucy up and introduce her.

Lucy comes crawling back up over the Ricardos patio and Ethel finally finds her. Her fall had been broken by a most uncomfortable palm tree and there were palm leaves stuck to her everywhere. The phone rings, it's Ricky. He says since Lucy's been so good about leaving Cornel Wilde alone that she can come up to meet him. Lucy hurries to get out of her palm leaves and fix herself up. Just as she and Ethel are on their way out to meet their 100th movie star, Cornel Wilde, Ricky comes back. He informs them that there was evidence of a prowler out on the star's balcony, so he went to a different hotel.