I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 20

The Young Fans

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 1952 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ricky comes rushing into the kitchen for breakfast. He doesn't want to run into Peggy Dawson, a neighborhood teen who has a crush on him. When Lucy leaves the room to get his coat, a perky female face peeks through the kitchen window. It's Peggy. Without his realizing it, Peggy refills his coffee cup and adds cream. Lucy watches from the kitchen door.

Ricky desperately asks for Lucy's help in trying to get rid of Peggy Dawson. Lucy tells Ricky to try being mean and nasty to disillusion her. He claims that he's not that good an actor. He then suggests Lucy talk to Peggy to see if they can stop this foolishness. Like a coward, Ricky runs out of the apartment.

In their woman-to-woman talk, Peggy admits she's in love with Ricky and wants to take him to the school dance. Lucy suggests she find someone her own age. Peggy says that most boys in her age group are "icky," but she does like a young gentleman named Arthur Morton. She decribes him as having sad eyes and looking like Gregory Peck, but the problem is that he can't dance! Thinking there is an easy solution to this problem, Lucy offers to teach Arthur how to dance.

That afternoon, painfully shy Arthur comes by for his first dance lesson. He doesn't even want to touch Lucy, but she eventually convinces him to put his arms around her. However, things go wrong when Arthur steps on her feet. Lucy suggests adding music, but can't when Arthur won't let her go. He then professes his love for her. She cleverly gets him out of the apartment by dancing him out.

When Ricky comes home, the problems escalate. First, Lucy explains what happened during the day - talking to Peggy and giving Arthur dance lessons. Second, the phone rings. Lucy answers only to find out that Peggy is coming over. Since Lucy took Arthur from her, she thinks she deserves Ricky. When the phone rings again, Ricky answers it and Arthur says he's coming over to fight over Lucy. As Lucy puts it, they're "in the middle of a four sided triangle."

Ricky suggests that they show how much older they are in hopes that the teenagers will leave them alone. Looking like seniors in gray hair and glasses, covering their teeth with their lips to give the illusion of toothlessness and talking in weak, quavering voices, the Ricardos are ready for the two teens. Lucy agrees to let Peggy have Ricky and she brings him out in a wheelchair, but it isn't what Peggy expects. She needs to jiggle his legs so that his arteries don't harden. Arthur comes by to ask Ricky for Lucy, but when Arthur sees her, she's shocked at her age though he still tries to be a gentleman. The last straw comes when Lucy takes off her wig to give to Arthur to reveal that underneath, her hair is positively snowy. The horrified teens quickly run out, holding hands.

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