I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 20

The Young Fans

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 1952 on CBS

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  • What Ricky and Lucy might have looked like had the show continued for another 40 years...

    This episode has a number of amusing moments, but on the whole isn't one of the better episode of "I Love Lucy." A supposed teenager named Peggy (though strangely enough they found an actress less than seven years younger than Lucy to play her) has a school-girl crush on Ricky and won't leave him alone. I know how he feels. I have young women following me around wherever I go. You thinks girls aren't impressed by these stupid little reviews I write on tv.com? But I digress...Back to the actual show, Lucy tries to have a talk with slightly younger Peggy. She discovers Peggy also likes a boy her own age named Arthur but that he is shy and doesn't know how to dance. Naturally, Lucy decides to teach him. This results in him falling for Lucy. The only solution at this point is for Lucy and Ricky to make themselves up to look older than they really are to turn off the teeny bopper crowd.

    There are a number of good moments in this episode. The woman who plays Peggy is fairly funny, especially in her assertions about Ricky and Lucy's age. And Ricky and Lucy turn out over-the-top performances as the elderly version of the Ricardos. Still, I almost feel like the episode is hurt a bit by the fact that the teenagers don't even feel like real human beings, just weird props that result in an excuse for Lucy and Ricky to act elderly. I also think it kind of hurts an episode when Ethel and Fred are missing. I didn't realize before just how many early episodes one or both of them were absent for! In any case, it just reinforces the positive contribution the two of them had on the show. This episode certainly isn't bad enough to be skipped, but I don't think too many people will have it on their "Top Ten" lists.
  • How to get rid of the young fans.

    An young girl name Peggy,has an major crush on Ricky.She does anything for him.Lucy has an talked with her.She also has an crush on an boy name Arthur.However he is shy but also can't dance either.So Lucy,decides to help Arthur and start to teach him how to dance.However it turns out that Arthur,begin to have an crush on Lucy as well! Ricky and Lucy decided in order to get rid of their young fans.They must pretend to be 90 years old.

    Heh this episode was awsome and funny.Yeah I don't blame them for having young fans.Who start having an crush on them.