I Love Lucy

Season 1 Episode 20

The Young Fans

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 1952 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Blooper: Ricky accidentally spilled coffee on himself after Peggy startled him, but when Ricky runs back into the living room to find Lucy, his suit is fully dry.

    • Janet Waldo will work with Lucille again on The Lucy Show in "Lucy's Sister Pays a Visit" before going on to portray the voice of Judy Jetson in The Jetsons.

  • Quotes

    • Ricky: Go to Lucy, Arthur. She's all yours.
      Lucy: We'll be very happy together, Arthur. Of course, I'll miss the old gentleman. He's the only one that knew how to put the batteries in my hearing aid.
      Arthur: Your hearing aid?
      Lucy: Yes. You don't mind, do you?
      Arthur: Oh, no. No. I still love you.
      Lucy: How's that?
      Arthur: I said I still love you!
      Lucy: Oh yes. Uh, it sure does.
      Aruthur: No. I said I still love you!
      Lucy: Oh no. Oh no, thanks. Never touch the stuff.
      Ricky: Peggy, please keep jiggling! Please! (Peggy jiggles Ricky's legs)

    • (A disguised Lucy pretends to put dentures in her mouth)
      Peggy: Those teeth. Aren't they yours?
      Lucy: Well, they sure are. I made the last payment two months ago.

    • Peggy: (shocked) Do you still know how to dance?
      Lucy: I think I can recall a few variations on the turkey trot.

    • Arthur: Mrs. Ricardo doesn't look so old. She's kinda well preserved.

    • Lucy: Yeah, he's babaed his last lu.

    • Ricky: Keep jiggling, Peggy! You're a much better jiggler than Lucy.

    • Lucy: (to Ricky) I used to think I'd enjoy growing old with you, but after this preview you better grow old alone.

    • Lucy: Oh swell. Here we are in the middle of a four-sided triangle.

    • Lucy: I gave Arthur a dancing lesson.
      Ricky: Arthur. Arthur who?
      Lucy: Well believe me, it wasn't Arthur Murray.

    • Arthur: Mrs. Ricardo, I can't dance with you. You're a woman.
      Lucy: Yeah, my husband likes me that way.
      Arthur: Well, I don't know...a woman.
      Lucy: Look, Arthur. Some people are men and some people are women. They're made that way so they can dance together.

    • Lucy: Arthur, Arthur, take shorter steps. You'll be dancing with a girl not an antelope.

    • Lucy: Now what about boys your own age?
      Peggy: Oh, they're all so icky.
      Lucy: They're icky, huh?
      Peggy: Yeah, except Arthur.
      Lucy: Arthur?
      Peggy: Arthur Morton. He's wonderful. He's got curly hair, big sad eyes, and floppy ears. He looks like Gregory Peck.
      Lucy: Sounds more like Lassie.

    • Peggy: Gosh, you have that certain something.
      Lucy: Well, that's quite a compliment. But how would a girl your age know I have that certain something?
      Peggy: I can tell by the way my mother looks at my father when my father looks at you.

    • Lucy: (about Ricky) He's a little older too.
      Peggy: I know. He's middle age.
      Lucy: What?!
      Peggy: He must be pushing 23.
      Lucy: Yeah, he's pushing 23 alright. In fact he's pushed it all the way to 35.

    • Peggy: Did I startle you?
      Ricky: No, I always wash my hands in the coffee every morning.
      Peggy: That's interesting.

    • Lucy: (with lowered voice) I had Arthur come over here, and I gave him a dancing lesson to get Peggy off your neck.
      Ricky: What are you whispering about?
      Lucy: If my feet ever find out that it was my idea, they'll kill me!

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