I Love Money

Season 1 Episode 10

Pole Riders in the Sky

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 14, 2008 on VH1
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Pole Riders in the Sky
It gets more intense as the 8 remaining money lovers find out that the loser of the next challenge will be eliminated on the spot. Clinging to stripper poles for dear life, one will triumph and become Paymaster, but one will walk away wet and penniless. With a second elimination looming, desperate times call for desperate measures. Backstabbing, food fighting, and a dash of romance collide in one of the most exciting and bizarre episodes yet.moreless

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      • Pumkin: Just 'cause you're taller, don't mean you're a fucking bigger person!
        Megan: It's obvious you're the bigger person. I never said otherwise.

      • Megan: This whole time Pumkin and Toastee were sitting there smiling, thinking they screwed us over. But by Brandi quitting, she actually screwed one of them over.

      • Hoopz: (About Real) I have a boyfriend at home, so it does feel a little awkward. But he's not crossing any boundaries or anything. He's keeping his distance, but he definitely has a crush.

      • Whiteboy: So the first check in the box is Real. Not because he was voted in, but because he obligated himself to put his own check in the box, 'cause he quote, unquote wants a "date".

      • Hoopz: (Voiceover) I'm completely drained. Megan saved me last time and I'm thinking Whiteboy has her under control. I'm ready to just let go.
        Whiteboy: Hold on Hoopz! Hold on a second.
        Hoopz: It fucking hurts!
        Craig: Uh-oh, Hoopz looks like she might be giving up.
        Whiteboy: That's 250 000 baby, shit, your legs will heal up in a minute.

      • Whiteboy: I mean, dog, I got testicles in between my legs. I grip this pole, I got another one in between my legs. I'm juggling two poles right now!

      • Whiteboy: I'm competing against ex-strippers, current strippers... These women are more affiliated with a stripper pole than I've ever planned on being in my life.

      • Hoopz: The wrong people are in the damn box.

      • Megan: I mean, their main target was not you guys at first, it was Whiteboy. So that's why I'm like, let me hear your plan, and then fuck it up somehow.
        Hoopz: So, wait, hold on. So this is what gets me. So Pumkin has been talking to like, just conversations and everything, cool?
        Megan: Secretly, every day, they've been in our room talking to us.
        Brandi C.: Every single day.
        Hoopz: Damn man. (Voiceover) So while we're thinking that Pumkin and Toastee are like completely with us, they've been talking to Megan and Brandi the whole time. And we thought they hated them!

      • Brandi C.: All this comes down to is that, at the end of the day, you can yell and scream and pour as much stuff as you want all over me. But I will never be as ugly as Pumkin and Toastee, and that's what they have to live with.

      • Megan: Wait, you're not going to believe me about her?
        Whiteboy: What are you talking about? (Voiceover) So Megan's got the nerve to step to me. Question me? I do what I want, when I want!

      • Megan: I feel like Whiteboy should raise his hand for Toastee in there. I thought I was in an alliance with Whiteboy, and like he doesn't even trust me, he doesn't give me any credit or back me up?

      • Whiteboy: Did you enjoy your power outing?
        Hoopz: Yeah, it was cool. Found out a whole lot.
        Whiteboy: That's what a power outing is all about.
        Hoopz: Real proposed to me.
        Whiteboy: (Laughs) (Voiceover) So basically, Hoopz lets me know that Real proposed to her. Are you crazy dog? What is you thinking? Or are you not thinking?
        Hoopz: No fucking lie. Down on one knee. Ring and everything.
        Whiteboy A ring?
        Hoopz: A real ring.
        (They both laugh)
        Whiteboy: No time to be laughing. Your husband's coming.

      • Real: I believe, I think that Hoopz loves me. Uhm... Is she in love with me? I know she has her, she has her... I don't know.

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